ScanNCut + cardstock = card!


Once in a while, I like to try and make something truly quick and very simple. I deeply love my complex projects but I also like to mix it up. To make a card like mine all you’ll need is a single piece of cardstock. I think this would work great as a party invite, a thank you, or a holiday card! One design, cut out of whatever papers you like, then customize!

Here is a link to my YouTube video tutorial – you’ll see how quick!


Here you see the finished card – this one stamped with a bit of script just to show how easy even adding embellishment to this sweet little card is! I really love how it turned out and I hope I’ve inspired you to try something easy. Oh yes, and as always I remind you that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but that all ideas and opinions are my own.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “ScanNCut + cardstock = card!”

  1. I just love how cute this card is! This is super, super cute. You do come up with lots of awesome ideas for the scan and cut. Michelle t

  2. Well I got brave and got my Scan n cut out and tried to follow along with you May, this seemed like an easy project that maybe I could get some practice on but as usual I ended up almost in tears. I just couldn’t follow along, no matter how many times I paused the video it was just too fast for me and sometimes I couldn’t tell what button was being pushed. I think I am just hopeless. May, Have you ever thought of doing a class on beginners Scan n Cut, I would be the first one to sign up for that. Thanks.

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