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I’m so excited to share some great news with you – I have two FREE classes filmed and coming to you from!


You see a few months ago they flew me down to Arizona to film… and what a great experience! Prior to going down I prepped two classes (1o lessons each!) and we went filming crazy…


The staff were so fantastic to work with – and their studio is beautiful! So much work went into each and every lesson, and I’m so excited to begin sharing with you soon.


The classes are card focused – but as always with my stuff the techniques and ideas can apply. The first class will be open SOON – so stay tuned!!  Class will be free as I mentioned before, and also I will be doing spin-offs from all 10 lessons here on my blog to add even more ideas.


From setting up lessons to going over supply lists and touring the warehouse – it was such an excellent experience and I’m excited to share the lessons with you starting soon!


What will the classes be about? More to be revealed very, very soon! Have a great week.

7 thoughts on “Filming at”

  1. I got signed up the other day. I happened to be checking the free classes because Heidi Swapp had posted that her class was up, and there you were! Very excited o see what you have for us. How nice to have this class show up when you are so limited IRL. Hope the therapy is progressing well! You are missed.

  2. Awesome, May! Very excited to see this and looking forward to it. Your classes are awesome, you’re an excellent teacher, with amazing ideas. You’re a real talented person. You look lovely, too. Michelle t

  3. Congratulations, May! Love their classes and thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration.

  4. The world is your oyster, May Flaum! (I really have no idea what that means, but I know it’s a good thing)

  5. That is so cool May – big congrats!!! Touring the warehouse must have been amazing!!!
    You look gorgeous, BTW!

  6. I got an email from announcing your class and I clicked right over and jumped in. I went through the first lesson and loved your ideas. Lesson two is open in a browser tab just waiting for me to begin it. 🙂 I think if they ever let me in the door where all the goodies are kept, they’d never get rid of me. ha, ha

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