countdown to summer: paper banner

I’m back with a project that before I’d even finished my eldest daughter claimed for herself. This is a popular one – and a great way to dress up seasonally, for a party, or just because!


note: I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions are my own.


The project is a summer banner! I stitched trims onto mine, however stapling, hand stitching, or even gluing it together could work! I always think big for banners so creating a little 4 1/2″ high one was delightful!


For my full video tutorial, check it out here!

Before I even finished Miss Elizabeth asked that I put it up on her shelf! I used those removable hook “no damage” stick to the wall things. LOVE these for displaying banners!

DSC_5276 copy

Even more than that, I love how some paper, buttons, and trims came together to make something so festive. With just 3 days of school left the girls are definitely ready…


Here you can see some more details of the banner up close. Contrast between the layers is definitely key. If you really were feeling fancy you could raise it up and create shaker box style banners!


So many little ways to add some crafting to summer, and loved creating a few with you this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed as well!

4 thoughts on “countdown to summer: paper banner”

  1. Adorable! Love this countdown to summer series you have going on. Bunch of great, cool ideas. Michelle t

  2. So cute! Now that Miss E has those hooks up, I can see her asking for a banner to express herself with every season.

  3. Just love that May. The paper is beautiful – it looks like fabric. And the pom pom trim is just perfect!

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