Scrapbook Day 2016

Taking time out of regular life to enjoy yourself should always be a priority. I’ve heard haters over the years about how it is selfish to do so – or how just playing vs meaningful story telling isn’t valuable. I will never understand that mentality!


Scrapbooking has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember! From vacations to funny moments- I cherish the pages Ive made as much as I enjoyed the creative process of making them.

Today to celebrate international scrapbook day originally? I was going to do nothing. Not  up to full pages. But wait. My friends at Clique Kits asked me to contribute a video (link) and I thought… maybe I can do a little something! You know I don’t believe in rules and creative restrictions. This applies to scrapbooking.. Make it what you want! Just the birthdays? Vacations? Happy times only? No journaling? Just photos? Few photos? Daily? Once a year?

Do whatever makes you happy.


Over the years I’ve just marched to the beat of my own drum. Tried to not follow trends or feel I “had” to anything. I stand by that. I’m currently working out what might work for me right now, maybe more pocket pages. But it can change as my needs and abilities do – scrapbooking is ever flexible and wonderful. Here are links you may enjoy:

One of my all time favorite layouts using a number of 3×4 cards

Project Hawaii (project life inspired) series 

My creative journey with many posts and layouts spanning back to my childhood!

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The tools I use and styles may change- but I will always cherish time spent playing with pretty things and capturing favorite memories! If you want to check out Clique’s full hop and find out about their prizes, etc. start here at their blog.

5 thoughts on “Scrapbook Day 2016”

  1. Great post, May! It can be a little intimidating looking at all the pretty layouts, and feeling sometimes a little left out, New products I have to wait to buy, things like that. But I’ve learned the same lessons, from you, about marching to your own drummer, and I do that. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to look, I’m always here, but I’m getting more comfortable in how I do things. And that’s all that matters. I’m, as always, wishing you well. Wishing, hoping for a faster recovery for you. And of course, a happy birthday, and happy mother’s day. You’ve earned it. 🙂 Michelle t

  2. Great post and great video May. Thanks for those links to your other posts too – they are some of my favourite projects/LOs of yours.
    And to anyone reading wondering about May’s classes …. go for it! She is a great teacher and her classes are jam packed full of ideas and inspiration!

  3. Happy INSD, May, and happy Mother’s Day! Planning to find a bit of playtime this afternoon (after a much-needed and rare nap).Happy crafting!

  4. YOu’ve been heavy on my mind the past few day.s Hoping all is well!

  5. Hi May! Thank you for the post! I especially loved to read about your creative journey, so much important things to keep in mind! I am a huge fan of your Project Hawaii posts, which inspired me to scrap our recent Maui adventure! I pray your wrist/hand is healing well, and can’t wait to see what awesome classes and projects you have coming soon! Have a great summer!! -Gabrielle

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