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Hey guys. So the next few weeks I’ll be pretty limited here – if you don’t see replies to emails or comments that is why. You WILL absolutely still see posts though. I had a few things already done or in the works that I pre-scheduled as well as a few fun extras and some guest posts as well. So stay tuned!

As I type this I’m about to head off for an injection in my wrist (which has confirmed via MRI some tearing/cartilage damage) and will be under strict orders to NOT USE MY RIGHT HAND. In fact there were rumblings about a cast to make sure I am not tempted to do otherwise. In my efforts to follow doctor’s orders and hopefully help speed this glacial paced recovery along I will be a good girl and start typing only left handed or not at all now.

Well, after this post is published that is.

Anyhow thank you for all the kind messages and emails. This journey is teaching me a lot and given me some new ideas. I’m not fond of the idea of a week of being so limited but I’m going to do my best to keep it positive and find the bright sides of things…

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  1. Huge hug, May! I know what it is like. Wishing you a speedy recovery, hang in there! Hugs, Maura

  2. Hope your wrist is better soon…..I have an idea…..instead of typing, make a video….you can talk instead of type. I prefer to hear your voice anyway!!
    My iPad can type for me as I talk into the microphone. You probably already thought of that option. Hang in there…..

  3. You know that saying……Pay me now or pay me later. Now is the time to pay up. Better a little time off now than alot off later. Hope You get well soon. Know how it feels. I’m down till my surgery but at least I can talk to my computer and it will type for me. And sometimes it will even type the correct words… 🙂 Take care of you and do what is necessary to get back on the horse. Sending up prayers for you.

  4. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. I know from past experience when I had trouble with my wrists, mostly from typing/mousing a lot, that it’s hard NOT to use your right hand. But a week is not really that long, even a month if that’s what it takes to heal. We’ll still be here. Raising my coffee cup to your speedy recovery and wishing you the strength to be patient with yourself in the meantime. Big hugs!

  5. bless your heart, May. I have been there also, i got to the point that i could not even sit down more than a few minutes at a time. i watched you tube videos on my ipad on my back. the only way i could keep sane was to just concentrate on what i could do and not on what i couldn’t. I answered a glue question for you on a site yesterday. i hope that was not over stepping it. lol. take good care of your self and we will be so happy to see you again soon. i’ll keep praying for you. hugs, treen

  6. Oh May you poor thing, I hope that the injection and the week of rest does the trick. You’re such an active and creative person that I know it will be hard for you to rest, but please do. We’ll all still be here! Sending positive thoughts your way

  7. Hang in there! Hopefully you’ll be back to normal soon, in the meantime, there’s always Netflix and the dvd 😉

  8. Ouch-I really hate hearing this. Please follow your doctor’s instructions-it may seem like forever now,but in the long run it will the shorter alternative.Not easy with a family to take care of I know-hope you get lots of help. love and hugs sweet girl.

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