Color play & fun


Hey everyone, just popping in today with a little creative reminder:

Go forth and try something new! Instead of looking up the right way to do things, or spending time seeking inspiration just play! test! try it out! I find so often that I learn more about and get more confident in using new to me products by doing this. Sometimes learning what NOT to do is just as important as learning what to do – so needless to say I really do encourage you loosen up and play a bit. See what works for you.

Here’s a card I made with new Wplus9 stamps and random watercolors. Love having an ‘art’ set of stamps now, and playing with new to me colors plus new to me stamps? Perfect creative play!


Whether it’s a color medium or some paste, a new glue or some type of paper you’ve not worked with before I encourage you to go forth and get crazy. Have a good time, remove the pressure, and just play.

looking for the stamp set I used? It’s (affiliate link) available now at Ellen Hutson.

3 thoughts on “Color play & fun”

  1. Great card, so fun! Very cool stamp, too. The message to keep working at something is so true. Michelle t

  2. Great card May … and fits in perfectly with “creative Expedition” – just play!
    I love that stamp set too!

  3. May, Lucy and I are at its all about the scrapbook in Dixon buying up your delicious lilac lane products. Love!!!

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