Stamps & dies by Tammy Tutterow

DSC_2335 copy

I’m so excited for Tammy Tutterow – she’s got a debut line with Spellbinders, and I most especially love her stamps and of course her amazing display!

DSC_2337 copy

What I’m loving about these stamps is that they’re feature images with plenty of room for coloring and have her artful doodles and fun style. DSC_2338 copy

The heart with flowers and ‘happy’ are my two favorites.

DSC_2340 copy

Of course she’s also got tons of ides (these flowers are made from them!) and fabulous products coming this spring. Can’t wait!DSC_2333 copy

4 thoughts on “Stamps & dies by Tammy Tutterow”

  1. The stamps seem larger than most…is that correct? You’re right, her art is really cool and it would be fun to color.

  2. I’ve followed Tammy for a long time and am really happy for her that she has her own line now! The stamps are beautiful

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