DIY planner clips with the ScanNCut


As you probably know, I work with Brother and the ScanNCut team and love being able to bring you tutorials and posts here in addition to other work I do with them. the usual disclaimer that while I’m a paid consultant, all ideas & opinions in this post are my own. In fact- I’m off to CHA and will be at their booth 12-2 and 3-4 doing demos with the ScanNCut2!

As we enter a new year I’m working on setting myself up with good new habits, and a place to record not just to-do lists and appointments but better organize myself and feel better about my productivity. So what could be better than some placeholder clips made with scraps of paper?


In going through my ScanNCut I discovered these designs, and was glad to finally print them out and play!

Link to YouTube video

Adding a bit of packing tape before cutting really helped with making them more durable – and they look so cute!


If you keep a planner or have favorite organization tips I’d love to hear what works for you! I’m still working things out and am changing things up a lot. Keeping things simple and practical is definitely a priority!

3 thoughts on “DIY planner clips with the ScanNCut”

  1. i am so close to getting a scan n cut. I watched some you tube videos the other night and saw the official brother promo with Julie balzer. I had to stop the video and go back to check – Yes, those are May Flaum’s kids on a soccer scrapbook page! You’ve done so many fabulous projects since then.

  2. They are so cute May!
    I’ve got myself a planner for this year but am still finding my way with it. I want to keep “to do” and “goals” lists in it. We have a brand of stationery shops called “Kikki K” and they have some really cool stuff – which makes being organised fun!

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