Quick & Easy sweet holiday treats

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Do not panic! Whether for school teachers or friends, co-workers or kids if you’ve still got some little gifts to give I’ve got you covered! Just grab some clear bags (I get mine from the cake/candy isle at craft store), whatever ribbon, twine, or string you’ve got, and bag up a few candies! These work out to be around $1/each. I used Pink Fresh Studio Stamps (affiliate link to scrapbook.com – if you’d like to check them out) for my stamping. You could also print off on your computer a design!

For some people, a gift card to Starbucks was going to be given… but how to dress it up a bit?
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Simple! I gave it the same treatment as my candy bags! Love that you can see it, but it is also made festive.
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A side note – Starbucks has OUTSTANDING designs this year! One person on my list is getting a box of espresso caramels (from Sugarfina – an amazing candy boutique) with their coffee card. Just a bit of tinsel/twine and off it goes!
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Keeping the gifting simple and easy to ship as well as fun doesn’t take that much time – and what a difference in appearance! How do you like to dress up little gifts? Do share!

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  1. Love these ideas for packaging small gifts. Clever to use your stamps. Ultimate way to stretch supplies. Love that Pinkfresh line, I’m hoping to still get at least some of it. Michelle t

  2. Such a great idea May … I baked some cookies to give for Conor’s teachers and put them in clear bags too.

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