my thoughts: kindness

we are suggesting something very simple: to STOP the competition, STOP the cattiness, STOP the hate, and to BE KIND.

-the Kind Campaign


If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge advocate of taking small steps to add kindness to other people’s days.¬†Of saying nice things to people, encouraging fellow creatives, and doing what I can to empower anybody I come in contact with to be their best (happiest) selves.


When a box showed up last week with cards and stamps designed to help me do just that – well I had to jump right in. Thank you to Jennifer McGuire for the encouragement and for sending these supplies my way. To Hero Arts for making these stamp sets and donating part of the proceeds. And to organizations like the Kind Campaign that strive to make our world a better place and devote themselves to a good cause.

I created a video (link to YouTube) sharing a few thoughts, as well as video of me creating with the cards and stamps that Jennifer sent. Cards that I’ve mailed out into the world and that you see here.


I wasn’t asked to blog this, but I felt compelled to because this is exactly the kind of movement and message I’m always trying to work into my daily routine. Sharing kindness can take many forms, handmade kindness can vary from cookies for a neighbor to making dinner for new parents or simply saying hi and asking if you can do anything for someone.


You can check out Jennifer McGuire’s Share Handmade kindness site and challenge here, the Kind Campaign here, and Hero Arts will have the stamps up on their website very soon. You can also find these stamp sets at some retailers that carry Hero Arts products.


I love seeing others passing along kind words, sharing homemade treasures, and generally making the choice to uplift others. I am using this as a reminder to always look for ways to spread the love – crafting and in general. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on ways to spread more positive into our lives. Such a simple idea, and one that brings so much joy to both giver and recipient…

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  1. amen to that! I read the other day that it’s World kindness day on 13th and had thought about writing a post myself on this very subject. This is perfect!

    ps sorry, my caps don’t seem to be working..

  2. Awesome, May! I know how kind you are. You never know what’s behind someone’s scowl, or bad mood, or even smile for that matter. This is a great movement, and I really hope it lasts, and lasts. Thanks for all you do. Michelle t

  3. Absolutely in love with this idea and the stamps and your cards. I have experienced your gift of kindness and know how much it means to not only be on the receiving end but also to give and spread kindness whenever you can. Lately I have been muddling through each day as I not only deal with my own health issues but also my youngest son (37) was just diagnosed with M.S. It is a struggle, but just a smile and an understanding nod goes a long way.

    Keep up the kindness. The joy comes back 10 fold.

  4. May – gorgeous cards!
    Jennifer’s campaign – perfect time of year to push us to find more ways to toss that kindness around. That stamp regarding confetti really does sum it up – the little bits of kindness we put out there can land where we don’t see but brightens up that spot of the world.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Just love this – can’t wait to get my hands on some of these stamps! I so agree that if only we could slow down and be kinder to each other (and to ourselves) the world would be a much better place. Off to watch your video!

  6. i loved the card you made with the hero arts stamp . Watercolor is my favorite media. I can’t wait to order mine and start making cards with them.

  7. Wow some of the absolute best cards I have seen in awhile. I like that they seem to spaek from your heart and not necessary to be about the latest trend. I also just love your quote and the campaign. I have 6 and 9 year old girls and the meanness has already started with their peers. This is an important and powerful message, and it needs to come from other girls like you! Thank you for being such a great role model.

  8. Love all your cards May, they are absolutely gorgeous….your stamps are great, I haven’t seen them where did you get them? They are different then the one’s I just got in the mail from Hero arts…hugs sweetie….thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!!!

  9. Mary – thank you for sharing your cards ! Jennifer has an awesome campaign to spread kindness going!

  10. I love how you sewed around the edges of your confetti card…it adds just the right touch. Beautiful cards!

  11. hi May!
    I’m going to throw kindness around like confetti

    Thanks for all the great periscopes. I’m always excited to try new techniques and products after watching you play with something fun, especially the bird stamps ????

    Thanks for being my new Bff. (J/k) lol
    Lisa (@2littlezsandme)

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