Color inspiration: Minty golden goodness


This was a mess on my desk that I captured and can’t get enough of. shades of mint, aqua, and of course all the gold. You know I don’t wear gold often – almost never. But I adore gold in crafting. I decided it is because while I love the cool silver for jewelry and in clothes, I prefer the warmer feeling gold with crafty things.

The holidays certainly amplify it – but year round from glitter to sequins you’ll find me going through 100 times more gold than silver… isn’t it funny how your style can be so very different in creating vs what you wear?

What colors are inspiring you these days? For me anything from jade to mint to aqua is remaining way on top – in part because these colors all go amazing with purple and you know I love shades of purple. And gold. And antique copper. And…

it’s all about colors around here right now…

5 thoughts on “Color inspiration: Minty golden goodness”

  1. I like both silver and gold, and use them about equally. It’s funny, as I’ve been thinking about color, too, though I am helplessly color challenged. I am liking the black and yellow combo I’ve been seeing a lot of lately. Love greens and blues, always. Love, love, love a mint or teal color. And the fall colors I love now, too. Cool post, love to hear about what’s on your desk. Michelle t

  2. Hi May,
    I just needed to say that I am the same way about gold & silver. I like white gold, platinum & silver jewelry but have really fallin’ for gold crafting. This year I think I jumped in the deep end and discovered gold embossing and the richness it adds….even to kraft cardstock! Thanks for all the fun stuff you share as I’m fairly new to your blog. Happy holidaze to you!

  3. that is such a pretty picture! Normally I am a sliver/white gold person, but seem to love gold for craft. I bought some of those gold flakes from Ellen Hutson – the ones you had!

  4. Hi, I just love these colours, many of my clothes are In these colours, they are always fresh and I do use them on my cards too!!!!! by the way I love your classes and works, keep up the good work!!!!!

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