Working on card formulas, and checking in!

I’m just back from New Jersey – a whirlwind trip that was so fast a hotel room wasn’t even involved! Now that I’ve caught up on sleep I have a few cool things to share with you. First up – as always – disclosure that I work with Brother, they provided me with a ScanNCut machine, but all words/opinions/ideas shared here are my own.

I’m currently building a new online class all about card designs that are Tried & True. Find the info and register at – note the pre-registration will increase on 10/3 so you wanna get signed up quick! Anyhow, this class is prompting me to put my card making skills to the test and try out different ideas as well as tinker with ideas I know to work.


Just hours before I boarded the plane to New Jersey (because that’s when all the great ideas hit) I hopped on my ScanNCut and was playing with putting shapes inside shapes, unifying, then adding more shapes and repeating this to get lots of little cut shapes all set. Above you can see how I did this with a heart inside a rounded corner square.


Then I got to playing with materials. Colors. Sizes. Placement. I do so love the “hmmm, let’s see how this will work” stage of ideas!


Ultimately I ended up adding a stamp, some sequins, and stitching and I really do like how the card turned out! The stamped sentiment is also embossed with black powder to add a bit of dimension and shine.

DSC_6924 copy

So simple and every piece could get used thanks to how I did this design. I am constantly pushing my ScaNNCut machine and trying to come up with ways it can help me and my creative wackiness – and it continues to wow me. For those wondering about the new machine, in a few weeks I will be doing a whole series with mine covering ideas, features, and favorites.

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  1. Wow, that was a whirlwind trip! Great card. I love your out of the box thinking/creating, and it’s awesome your machine goes right along with you. Just a side note, I love that you have stitching on everything. That black thread, cool. Michelle t

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