the ScanNCut 2 is here!


First of all, often you see me post about my ScanNCut – a machine I love – and you always see my disclosure. I am a paid consultant working with Brother – however my opinions and ideas are always my own here. They never tell me what to say – so anything you see here is always 100% my own opinion! In fact they didn’t even ask me to do this post – I’m just excited and want to share!

I’m very happily working with Brother and a few months back they flew me out to HQ for a meeting… about the machine you partially see above! (projects made with + machine pictured above are the 650 model) The ScanNCut2 is here! This is quite exciting if you asked me – there are a lot of great new designs, improvements, and also you’ll find new accessories.


Here’s a deal I just found: the new 350 machine WITH rhinestone kit is available for order on (affiliate link)! This makes me so excited because the rhinestone kit is really one of my most favorite things!

The three projects I made at Brother HQ during our craft session with the new machines are pictured at the top of this post. Want more info? Here’s an introduction video with the lovely Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

Also, here’s a link to the Brother website. Note that there are two new models (350 and 650) – with significant price difference. If you want to compare the two new models and figure out which is a better fit – here’s a comparison chart.


Now if you’re thinking “May… I have the original machine! Is that still good?” Here’s what I’ll tell you. For the last month I’ve had both machines (SO HARD to keep that a secret!) and even working on them side by side I still love the original. Brother has put so much into improving the original with software updates and they’ve added so much to Canvas (their free web-based no extra software needed application) and the experience has vastly improved from when I very first worked with a prototype of the first machine. My point is – if you’re working with the original you’ve got a real gem! New technology does come out but that doesn’t mean your existing machine is any less fabulous.

Here on my blog now that the news is out you’ll be seeing some projects with my new CM650W soon- and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me or leave me a comment here.

3 thoughts on “the ScanNCut 2 is here!”

  1. I love that canvas to the left in the first photo. So pretty. The cards too. It looks like such a neat machine. Michelle t

  2. May, I have the first scan n cut and love when you and Julie post videos on projects, I save them all for reference. I have purchased the new 650 from HSN shopping channel but it doesn’t ship until October 9th, I am so excited to get it, Julie did the presentation for it on HSN, she is so cool, she rocks!! Just like you !! Can’t wait to see what you guys make with it, hopefully lot’s of videos to come. Thanks.

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