Crafternoon: Embroidery Hoops

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This Hazel & Ruby “Crafternoon” kit was the one that had me running down to JoAnn’s to find the line. I was so very excited to learn (FINALLY!) proper use of an embroidery hoop! This is such a fun craft, and I definitely learned a lot. Ok so a few things to tell you:

  1. It took me 5 hours to create the two hoops
  2. All I needed was an iron, black pen, and scissors
  3. I ran out of two different thread colors – I think this was a glitch with my kit as all others had plenty


Ok so I watched the video first which was great (except two issues – more on that later) and that really helped show me what to do. Ironing on and cutting out the shapes was easier than I anticipated, and I got into the drawing words right away. Of course, me being me I couldn’t just leave the design alone I had to change the sayings!


Drawing on with black pen was no problem! You can see (below) I definitely made these my own. Now I had to use a lot of my own pink thread (ran out) – but that’s ok. There was more than enough of most colors and I liked that it was easy to substitute. I goofed and mis-cut my blue polka dot which is why you see my own stripe-y fabric on the smaller hoop.

Now on the video there were two things that didn’t work. First, there was no explaining of the tassels. I assume I’m meant to loop thread around towards the top… that’s what I did. The other thing was the French Knot instructions didn’t work. I was at the end of my rope and YouTube searched it – figured out that NO, I don’t want to put it back into the same hole, rather put needle back into hole next to original. Also I want to have needle facing away from surface when twisting.

That won’t make sense unless you’re doing the project – but if you are that may help you a lot.

DSC_5884 copy

I really loved this kit a ton, it’s so well done and the projects were really fun to sit and relax and make. The designer did a fabulous job, and overall I left feeling like I’d picked up new tips, ideas, and the ability to strike out on my own with this crazy fun (though a bit on the tedious side) craft. Do I recommend it? HECK YES! It’s really a great price for all that you get, and my minor issue aside, something I had a whole lot of fun with.

I’ve got one more kit here – watch for that coming here in about a week…

Have you tried to crafternoon a day away? Which kit? I’m just so loving these!

4 thoughts on “Crafternoon: Embroidery Hoops”

  1. So cute! You definitely have me curious about these kits. Like I said before though, these types of cute crafty kits and me just don’t get along. But it’s something I’m considering trying. Thanks for sharing. Love how you made them your own. Michelle t

  2. i wS so tickled to see this post! I absolutely love embroidery and hVe been doing it for years. These kits have such adorable designs. Ive been tempted to pick one of these up myself.
    FYI…Heres a trick that zi picked up. When designing my own patterns, I used a distress marker. Washes right out and viola! No lines! Keep up the embroidery, May. I love seeing it!

  3. So so cute! I haven’t seen them. I love to do cross-stitch though and something like this would be right up my alley.

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