Crafternoon by Hazel & Ruby: Crepe Paper Flowers

find all the info (and videos) on the Hazel & Ruby site here.


Hazel & Ruby released a new line, perhaps the most brilliant of 2015. “Crafternoon” is now available at JoAnn fabrics (and I am guessing elsewhere after an exclusive time period…) that I have heard about via instagram where the various designers are chatting it up and sharing photos. Why is it brilliant?


  • Kit including instructions and all supplies (outside basics like glue and scissors) included.
  • It’s like taking a craft class in a little pouch
  • Videos available on-line so you can check them out before or after you buy the product! In other words you can preview what you’ll make before you buy
  • Quality projects and great DIY kits
  • Great for novice or seasoned crafters
  • Interesting designs you can be inspired by for future

The idea that this will take you not much time (or at most just a few hours) is so inspiring! To me, it sparked my love of learning and getting a mini class part online (Video) and a kit ready to rock. The other thing that makes me love this so very much is that they have all different crafters participating. In other words, you’re getting a wide variety of talented bloggers who are sharing things they excel in – love that!


I picked out three different DIY kits at my local JoAnn fabrics and I’m starting with the one I wanted to test out WITHOUT video to see how I did with their written instruction. I did ok… but I think the way to approach these is to watch the video then begin the craft project and use the written instructions as a reminder. I think it’s a really great touch that they did both written and video!


The written instructions are well done but enough detail is missing that if you’re brand new to the craft it could make for less than stellar results.  I was ok with my finished flower but after watching the video I had major “AHA!” Moments that I’ll take into the future flowers I can make from this kit.


This was just one flower (of many) I can make, and now armed with additional information and having seen the video I know my next will turn out even better. I’m so very impressed with these kits I just had to share right away! I will be back next week with #2 (A embroidery hoop!) and this time I’m watching the video first.

For more about this line you can find all the info (and videos) on the Hazel & Ruby site here.

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  1. Cool. Very cool. I’m hopelessly bad at craft type kits, re the kiddy embroidery kit debacle of 2014, not to mention the major Rainbow loom fail. Even with looking up you tube videos on that one. It must have something to do with the way I learn (yeah…I’ll keep telling myself that.) Anyway, I’d love to see your other kits, too, and to know if you’d think an 11 year old could accomplish it. Thanks for sharing. Appreciate that. Michelle t

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