More ideas than time.

It’s just a fact that I have come to accept. I will always have FAR more ideas than I will have hours in the day! So how do I pick? Well there are several factors.

DSC_5148 copy

  1. What am I feeling most passionate about? This is always at the top.
  2. What can I break down into small (5-10m) sessions? Projects that are easily started + stopped without a lot of fuss are favorites.
  3. What sounds fun?
  4. What will have a big impact and make me feel like I’ve really accomplished something?
  5. Can I make it with supplies I have on hand?

Another factor, which of course bumps it to the top of the list would be if there is a deadline, or if someone else is needing me to create the project for some reason (birthday, promised, etc).

Above you see ribbons I went out and got to create a banner/flag for fall. I’ve been wanting to do one of these for a LONG time but it takes SOOO much ribbon that I’ve been waiting for a mega sale since I don’t have whole spools/loads of yardage here. And yet another factor – if I go out and buy supplies for something I want to do I have to make sure and actually do it!

way easier said than done!

Stay tuned here for plenty of seasonal crafting as I try to fill my home with more homemade touches this fall, and yes I will share the tutorials, details, and photos with you here and on my YouTube channel.


5 thoughts on “More ideas than time.”

  1. Oh, yay! I love fall and I cannot wait to see the results of your ribbon banner. You go!

  2. Take advantage of after-holiday sales! After halloween and Thanksgiving, the craft stores have tons of materials at half price. THen you have a whole year to make the project.

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