When the coloring goes bad…

Scraps all can go to use. Even when you mess up or get a “fail” – just cut it!


Here’s an example- I took a Winnie & Walter stamp set and word and made myself a floral die cut ready to rock!


Just a reminder that even whoopsies can turn into useful projects – so go forth and craft fearlessly.

8 thoughts on “When the coloring goes bad…”

  1. That’s super cool. Thanks for sharing your awesome die cut. Neat. Michelle t

  2. I love your always upbeat outlook–you are a constant source of inspiration to me! Hugs to you and your 2 rescue pups!

  3. Brilliant idea! The die-cut looks so beautiful! I have some watercolored tags that i didn’t really like for background but kept them as scraps. This is a great idea for using them! Thank you May!

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