Art Journal: remember the sneeches…


I’ve been playing with my Dylusions paints + Dina Wakley paints (with the fine tip attachment) as you can see here. I was feeling some pent up irritation – having heard a rant by one person who was trying to invalidate someone else’s lifestyle to make herself feel better/right/special.

Man, it got me angry. Saying something wasn’t going to do any good- she wouldn’t have listened. So into my journal I went. Dr. Seuss knows his stuff – the Sneeches has always been a favorite of mine. Who cares if you have a star belly or plain? That’s just the wrapping.

The inside is what counts.


So focus on letting your own star shine – we each have that right. Let that freak flag fly. Own your weird. Embrace your quirks. Most of all don’t let anybody tell you no, that you can’t, or that you’re in the wrong because what you believe doesn’t line up perfectly with their version of the world.

We’ve all got our own unique star – personally I’m trying to let mine shine and encourage others to do the same. There is room for us all in this great big world – trying to snuff out someone else’s shining self sure isn’t going to make me shine brighter.

Sharing these kinds of thoughts and these random art journal entries has been a goal of mine – believe it or not something that makes me nervous. Thanks to the nasty lady I overheard it inspired this page and entry – we can always pull something good out of most any situation…

3 thoughts on “Art Journal: remember the sneeches…”

  1. I really needed this today, May. Thanks. Just have to continue to keep it in mind. Great page. I’m glad you were able to overcome your fear of sharing them, because you do a lot of good. Michelle t

  2. amen, sister! truer words were never spoken! Embrace your weird and be proud!

  3. Great post and great art journal entry May. I don’t get why people can’t take the opportunity to keep their mouth closed when they don’t have anything nice to say. I heard a quote recently … always be kinder than you feel … and I wish more people would do that. At least you got some good inspiration from that silly person!!

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