Adventures of Scrappy & Ranger…

A cattle dog should have a bandana, don’t you think?


I used this Tim Holtz fabric to craft Ranger a bandana – and I even cut a slit/stitched it so that his leash can go right in and his fashionable look go on walks with us.


As you can see, he looks beautiful in my studio! As my husband told him – “hey buddy if you sit still in her studio long enough she’s gonna decorate you!”


Above you can see where he’s most often found – near the studio door. He’s a wanderer (and still pretty new here) so I tend to keep the baby turned doggie gate up when I’m working. In addition to his new bandana he had a check-up at our vet and is totally healthy- something I had assumed but it was great to hear it confirmed.


So we walk on. Entering week #2 being a 2-dog family and celebrating with some long ago planned camping… hope you’re having a great weekend as well!

8 thoughts on “Adventures of Scrappy & Ranger…”

  1. Awesome that your new companion is fitting right in with the family! He looks so handsome with his new bandana and it’s so good to know that he’s fit as a fiddle as well! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool bandanna. Enjoy your camping trip, I’m sure lots of fun. Michelle t

  3. Being a dog person myself, I have to say that you have beautiful dogs and that bandana is gorgeous! Have a great weekend

  4. That bandanna looks great! Next time I go back to Oz I’m going to get something Aussie for Ranger to wear too! And maybe Scrappy needs a bandanna now …. ???
    Love that comment by your hubby!!

  5. Ranger is quite the looker! my middle girl is a brindle-so I’m a bit partial to them. his bandanna is perfect.

  6. He matches the wall!! That is so awesome. Too bad my cats won’t let me decorate them. They decorate my projects with their fur instead.

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