My most emotional craft supply… some ribbon.

Today I want to share with you the most emotional scrapbook supply I own, and how I’ve finally used some of it. 079

You see back in 2008 I got this “Love, Elsie” ribbon designed by this cute little artist (aka Elsie of A Beautiful Mess) for my dog Jake. He was very suddenly and unexpectedly put down before I opened it, and months later in a studio clean up I came across the ribbon. I sobbed. I wanted to throw it away because I didn’t think my heart would ever be able to have another dog… but then I wanted to keep it because it represented a hope. Hope that some day, maybe a new dog could come into my life and I would use this ribbon to celebrate them and remember my doggie angel friends too.


Every time I saw that package of ribbon I thought about dogs, about wanting to try, about loss, about being scared a new dog wouldn’t work. I couldn’t ever bring myself to get rid of it, it became a symbol of hope for a new dog more than anything else. I would see it and think “some day… some day a dog will be here and I will know it’s the right time to use this…”

Then last summer the now legendary “Scrappy the dog” came into my life. If you want to read about the first few weeks (rough, let me be honest!) of Scrappy’s life with us you can do so here. I thought about the ribbon but my heart wasn’t ready.

Some time around February I finally decided I would let Scrappy be the one who got to use the ribbons. (There is a  lot – I didn’t use it all…) but I didn’t get around to using it until this week.


It was emotional breaking open the ribbon, thinking about how long I’ve had it, how long Jake has been gone. It was good though, and I wanted to share the bit of back story because this old stash item held some serious emotion. More than anything else in this whole room combined I think.


For today I’m reminded that crafting can be therapeutic, and scrapbooking more so than most anything else I do. I’m glad my heart could be open to Scrappy, and that I put all that time (and still do!) into training her and raising her. I’m happy to honor her by using “Jake’s ribbons” as they’ve been known all the 7 years they’ve been here gathering dust, and I’m even happier to have a dog roaming the house once again.

Timing wise it was crazy that I used this ribbon at long last when I did – we’ll talk more about why tomorrow…

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss of Jake, and so happy that you found scrappy. What a beautiful layout! love the way you used the ribbon, stamping and sequins.

  2. What a sweet, sad, heartwarming story, May. The ribbon is absolutely adorable, but not quite as adorable as those puppy pictures. Hugs to you and skritches behind the ears to your little fluff ball. ~ Laura

  3. So touching. Thanks for sharing this. I hope now I can share mine here. Our 7 year old German Shepherd died fairly suddenly 10 years ago. My daughter was 6 weeks old, my boys were 5. In that midst my husband had gall bladder surgery and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was discovered. Then I started going downhill. That culminated into my diagnosis, with breast cancer thrown in there too for good measure. I thought never again. Same as you, would I be able to open my heart. But said daughter is now 10 and wanted a dog. My husband and the kids went to the shelter and came home with a shepherd/beagle mix. That was last summer, around our birthdays. It’s taken me a while. I’m sick, set in my ways, etc. But slowly it happened, and she’s my companion during the day, such a good girl. Sleeps with me if I need that, leaves me be if I need that.

    Sorry to go on. I wanted to share. And I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the story tomorrow. Oh, and I love this layout. Super cute and sharp. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  4. Oh my, May . Ive sobbed more than a view times over the loss of a beloved pet. Amazing how without every speaking a word or buying us gifts, they capture our hearts so completely

  5. Scrapalicious! What a great way to honor Jake’s memory and enjoy some crafting goodness at the same time. Thanks for sharing, May!

  6. Such an inspiring layout and story. Tomorrow we leave for WDW and will be leaving our “babies” behind. Yes, they do steal our hearts! I have missed coming to your blog but have been overwhelmed by things like signing up for Social Security and medicare. It does seem like the past 40 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I am excited to see sign up has started for Camp Scrap. For now I am back to packing for that wonderful Walt Disney World vacation and our stay at one of the Polynesian Village villa. Hope I can manage some decent photos with my dslr (still a beginner), but if not my iPhone 6 takes amazing photos. You will be seeing more of me hanging out around here this summer.

  7. May what a lovely layout, nice to see something good come from such heart break.Scrappy is so cute I love seeing photos of her and sometimes an appearance on your videos!

  8. Oh May, I am so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby, but so thrilled Scrappy came into your life. It was such an emotional story for you to share with us, one that a lot of us could relate with including me, I lost my bulldog a few years ago and I still cry over her. Thank you for sharing, I know it was tough.

  9. May I am proud of you! scrapbooking is such a wonderful and fulfilling medium for tackling our emotions. I still struggle in scrapbooking my mom who passed a few years ago. yet, i believe it is important to leave a legacy to my daughter as to where she came from. again great job, and a lovely layout!! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you for sharing your journey of sorrow to happiness. We were on the same path in 2013 with our heart pug (note my e-mail address) and I couldn’t talk or see anyone for months without becoming a babbling mess (still do when I think of Lexi) so I appreciate you sharing and know it has been tough for you. P.S. I also have a box of doggie embellishments and ribbons too that I need to break into when scrapping our new pug gal.

    What a cute layout of your little scrapbooking sidekick!

  11. I’m not even a dog person, and you made me cry. What a sweet story and a fabulous layout. 🙂

  12. thank you for sharing this story. I purchased the new cat line by Studio calico. Before it arrived my cat passed away. I am too heartbroken to even open the box.

  13. Oh May, what a beautiful story. And so glad you felt able to use the ribbon in this adorable LO featuring Scrappy!

  14. So pleased you shared this story. Pets are great teachers about unconditional love, companionship, loyalty, dedication and ultimately about loss. Just remember Jake is tucked away in your heart forever, you can access your memories of him whenever you want but in the here and now you have love enough to share with another.

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