No foolin…

This one time I was in Anaheim (for CHA) and I planned my entire arrival around going to Disneyland for the evening (special ticket) and meeting Thor.

Ok, not THE Thor… just some dude with a hammer that looks kinda like Thor… and I just noticed the photo here on my computer.


There was much silliness. LOTS of laughter with Thor and just such a great memory. I can have fun with me, myself, and I. Yes I can.  I had so much fun running all around Disneyland just doing whatever I wanted to do. Nobody to raise an eyebrow at my choice of two chocolate covered pineapple spears for dinner with a cherry coke. Being an adult and giving yourself a chance to go play just because can really rock.  I’m the grown-up, so I say I go chill with the Avengers and ride Thunder Mountain a bunch. GOOD TIMES!

So what’s new? Well it is April. APRIL. How did that happen?!

The studio is still a mess with no end in sight. But things are good. SO MUCH craftiness happened in March, and I’m *loving* my vacation class – last call to sign up for early bird before the price goes up! The price gets raised on April 4th…

Happy April…

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  1. So cool! You are so awesome. You really seem like a fun girl. You rock. Michelle t

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