Wonder Woman [a girlie Halloween scrapbook layout]


I love collaborating with crafty friends, and today Ashli Oliver and I are both doing some “girlie scrapbooking”. As moms of girls I thought it would be fun to just really focus on all that girlie goodness as inspiration and see where it takes us. Check out her post here.

I went a bit amazon (as in, Wonder Woman!) with my page…

link to YouTube



I hope this layout inspires you – lots of fun product + ideas used here! Don’t forget to check out Ashli’s post today as well. Happy (girlie) crafting!

7 thoughts on “Wonder Woman [a girlie Halloween scrapbook layout]”

  1. Great layout! I love love love that stencil and how you used it. Thanks for the video. Michelle t

  2. LOVE that circle of goodness around the photos – powerful, yet still definitely ‘girlie’ 🙂

  3. i do like that stencil, too. Thanks for showing that a fun, pulled together layout doesn’t have to be complicated,and appreciate seeing ideas for multimedia on scrapbook pages!

  4. No girls here of course-but I love the message this conveys! I don’t have any big stencils -but the minute I saw this one my mind followed the same track as yours. See I paid attention in class. And I’ve had a thing for stars lately-just realized I don’t have a star stamp-this one is perfect.

  5. Great LO May – really love that stencil. Your daughter is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. Thanks for linking to Ashli’s blog too

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