Scrappy Saturday: the cupcake cookie

From the tiny shop George we discovered in Berkeley… the girls each picked Scrappy a treat.

IMG_9298 copy

She was sooooo patient as she let us snap a few photos before she devoured it. errr… I mean delicately nibbled ladylike dainty bitesĀ from it.

6 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday: the cupcake cookie”

  1. CUTE!!! The look on Scrappy’s face is a hoot! She wasn’t letting that thing out of her sight!

  2. Ha ha…delicately nibbled… my dog Bailey delicately nibbles too. So cute. Isn’t it fun when we find our best friends something special? Michelle t

  3. Yes, I love how Scrappy’s eyes are totally fixed on her treat. No way was she losing track of it!

  4. May, I love seeing how much fun you and your family are having with Scrappy. I truly love this! By the way, I have a recipe for frozen yogurt dog treat like the one you can purchase in the store. It take very little time to make; the dogs love it, and it is much cheaper than purchasing already made.

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