CHA 2015: Jillibean Soup

cha-2015 (193) copy

Lots of fun stuff from ephemera to papers… but also party stuff filled the Jillibean Soup booth.

cha-2015 (199) copy

cha-2015 (201) copy

I liked seeing these paper goods for parties to be sure. But I also think they’ll be useful for paper crafting too.

cha-2015 (204) copy

cha-2015 (208) copy

Here you see so much party cute!

cha-2015 (209) copy

But again – that garland stuff? I can see it on cards too.

cha-2015 (213) copy

Also? Super cute stamps!

cha-2015 (220) copy

3 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Jillibean Soup”

  1. So much stinkin’ cuteness! I don’t know how you can go to CHA and not be overwhelmed by it all. Thanks for all the sneak peeks!

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