Challenge: Winter Stamping

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I got myself a new set of watercolors after Christmas (metallic ones… yum!) and this new crafty girl stamp. I love the spool of thread and the paint brushes in her hair.

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How did I make this art journal page happen? Here’s a video!

link to YouTube

My art journaling class (info here) starts this week – I can’t wait! I’m so very excited to share ideas + inspiration there. The pre-registration price is still good this week too! All you need is paper + something to write with. It’s going to be SO FUN!

and of course, the full journal page…

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I’m having black pen issues right now… I’m trying out some new things and will report back what works (and doesn’t)..

16 thoughts on “Challenge: Winter Stamping”

  1. Fantastic journal page! I love the colors and the effect of the shimmery paints on the background.

  2. Love this! So pretty. My eyes just loves those blues. Your video was great, too, you’re very thorough in explaining what and why you’re doing something. Yay for the class! Michelle t

  3. I am starting to get interested in art journaling, your post today was fun and inspiring. I wish I could take your class, I have no idea where to even begin with art journaling and I am sure you would have great insight. Lovely page, that is an awesome stamp no wonder you had so much fun with this.

  4. You should sign up … there is a great deal on right now and class is cheap! I’ve taken several of May’s classes in the past and she guides you through every process in the least intimidating way possible!

  5. I love your video May – I feel like I”m sitting right next to you and watching you create! I’m all signed up for class – can’t wait. Really beautiful page

  6. This is just gorgeous, May! There is so much wonderful texture and I adore those metallic paints, it really makes your winter girl pop! Beautiful, as always and thanks for sharing your video! 🙂

  7. What a beautiful piece, May! I love how she is peeking out of that gorgeous blue background. She’s like a fabulous crafty muse and I love the inspiring words you wrote next to her…even if you were having “black pen issues.” It’s good to see that even incredible artists have “mortal moments” like that!

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