CHA 2015: Hero Arts

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Hero Arts usually starts the year with a HUGE catalogue and release. This year? Mixing it up they will release four (quarterly) catalogs and space things out more. I’m all for this – just like I’m all for many of the fantastic products they have in this initial offering.

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I love the animals and their big heads (above) – not sure how much I’d be using them but oh they are cute. The two stamp sets that caught my eye and had me really excited? See below.

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The amore stamp is exactly the kind of thing I want to see more of. Not just the word, but the inspired styling that reminds me of paper banners from Mexico. I wish we saw more Spanish inspiration (also Polynesian, Scandinavian, Egyptian, Greek….) to freshen up designs and just add new ideas to our usual mix. Below is a screen shot of the Hero catalog so you can see these two stamps (one a clear set, the other wood mounted)


Hero hit upon an up and coming trend – succulents. Is it Jennifer McGuire’s known love of these plants? An attempt to mix up the usual flowers and leaves offerings? I’m not sure – but Hero Arts and several others all have an offering that involves these plants.

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The cactus you see there? A stamp + a two part die that allows you to build that dimensional beauty. Brilliant! Not pictured here – Hero Arts also has several new stencil designs, and a new range of ombre ink pads I need to try out.

The new products begin shipping to stores February 2 – I can hardly wait!

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Also shipping net month, Hero has partnered with Kelly Purkey with a new “clearly Kelly” signature line.


From stamps for your planner to project life, the offerings are what you’d expect from Kelly. Lots of fun sayings, little details like geo tags, and plenty of good food mentions.

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I will probably be passing on the clear stamps – when looking at my existing stash of older stamps by Kelly, I already have some food/travel sets that while not exactly the same, are fairly similar so I can’t really justify new ones.

What does have me excited are these 4×6 cling background stamps! Yes that’s right. 4×6 size so if you’re a scrapbooker there is no more “1/2 inch too short” issue! Fun designs that would be great in many ways.

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The Kelly Purkey line will also ship next month – so watch for it in stores soon. If you’d like to see the full Hero Arts catalogue visit their website – it’s full of lovely goodies!

4 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Hero Arts”

  1. Yay for Kelly’s new line with HA! I love those background stamps, in particular.

    One thing about the little critters with the big heads: I already have a several of those images (dog, mouse, cat & pig) in a polymer stamp set called “Party Animals” that My Sentiments Exactly released years ago. The HA set seems to have swapped a fox and a hedgehog for the fish and the monkey in the MSE set, though. I guess somebody got the rights to their work back, eh?

  2. It could be a lot of things (same artist, new license, etc) – but the dog, cat, and pig are absolutely identical in both sets. Good eye!

  3. I missed out on Kelly’s stamps from SSS so will be picking up the food and the travel sets from her new line!

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