Scrappy says: it’s cold outside

It’s been quite a while since Scrappy appeared…


This is the ONE spot in the house she’ll actually sit and stay. On her pillow by the fire. Note the fullĀ + organized scrapbook albums! So it’s kind of a relevant photo too…

10 thoughts on “Scrappy says: it’s cold outside”

  1. Ha! I noticed the scrapbooks before the dog! Although she is awfully cute and we haven’t seen her for a while.

  2. One of my cats likes to lay in front of a heat vent , the other cat & my dog (both are long haired) don’t care about seeking a warm spot. Your little guy looks like he is short-haired, & smart to look for a cozy place to hang out. I like this picture, your little guy looks so cute!

  3. Way to go on finishing the great album sort of 2014! Scrappy’s getting to be a big girl — for a little dog.

  4. I am not crafty at all, like my sister [Susan MacDonald], but i want to make a comment on your blog.
    I live in NS and Susan sent me a pic. of Scrappy in the studio [so cute] and a link to your web-site.
    I did enjoy reading on the web-site & the pics.too. Keep up the good work girls, I know you’re having fun! – Thanks –

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