Happy Holiday Crafting!


Looking for holiday inspiration? Hop over to www.craftwithmay.com for the self-paced Happy (Holiday) Crafting class!! Want to see a project that did NOT make the cut for that class from me? Here you go…

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Let’s be honest- I’m not sure I love this one. Oh don’t get me wrong I love elements of it.


I’m really loving mixing paste + embossing folders for texture variety.


I really love playing with gold and sparkle and rub-ons. But the finished tag? Meh. THAT IS OK! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY has a 100% amazing successful creative rate. Some things you’ll make and like better than others. THAT IS OK! InΒ fact, it’s better than ok it is healthy and wonderful and how new ideas get found. So keep embracing those imperfections. Those projects that don’t quite turn out as you imagined.


and then send them off to the relatives that aren’t your favorites. πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Crafting!”

  1. Love your attitude and that you share so much. Sometimes I get down about a project, but then try to shrug it off. And sometimes, if I walk away from something and come back later, it is not as bad as it seemed. Sometimes I even like it. BTW you will have to be careful who you send this tag to, they may have seen your post. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for a little insight into when the creative process and result do not match up with the vision. I (think?) I like it, not sure about the colors though.

  3. That was funny! But seriously thAt tag is so pretty. I just love the colors, looks so antique like, so pretty. And the music notes, and the poinsettia, the stars, the list goes on with this lovely tag. That said, I get it. It happens. Michelle t

  4. Funny, I saw just the top of the card and thought “Ooh, what’s May been doing? She’s got so many great projects that she can’t fit them all in the class!”

    I love the rickrack and sparkly and texture. I get that it’s not your favorite, but I really like it!

  5. I’d use something more delicate/gauzy than the rickrack, and enlarge the flower, since it’s a focal point. Love the colors and textures.

  6. Thanks for the smile today! Love the texture, gold and green in this tag and absolutely love the gold stars. I know your feeling well….halfway through making a card that I feel the same way about it and will be sending it off to a less than fave person too.

  7. I love your work, May. Your designs are different from most, full of texture and complimenting color combinations. I want to design like you!

  8. I let it slip one time that I have category A, B, and C hand made cards for Christmas, and my family has never let me live it down. Keeps them guessing to know if they are on the A list. πŸ™‚

  9. I agree, it’s nice to hear that we all don’t always love our creations! I love your background layers.

    When will the Happy (Holiday) Crafting class be starting?

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