My online classes – past, present, and a very happy crafty future!

Many years ago I put myself out there and asked Stacy Julian if I could teach for her at her new site “Big Picture Scrapbooking”. Over the years I taught over 20 classes (some repeats/reworks, most of them totally new) for them and I will always be grateful to Stacy for taking a chance on me. For encouraging me at every turn, and for always embracing and helping me fulfill my craziest ideas no matter how different.

As technology improved and I came up with new ideas I decided that I wanted to open up my own website. Start a site where I could do classes a bit differently, where I could be on a much shorter turn-around, and be entirely in control of subject and timing. Where I could offer affordable, content packed classes at the best possible price and value for my lovely students. After months of work, frustration, feeling like it was impossible, and being certain that I would never figure out how to make it all work I launched on November 12, 2013.

PinkSquareBlinky (2)It has very nearly been a year. WOW! I’m excited to say – I met all my goals for year #1 and then some. From free classes to offering newsletter subscribers the best prices to including contributors in some classes – it’s been amazing. It has been a lot of learning, a ton of work, and too many long days here at the computer but I believe every minute was worthwhile. I love that this is what I get to do, that I can share with fellow crafters, that you are inspired by what I do.

I’ve had a number of emails in the last week asking me how I feel about the situation with Big Picture, and if I will be moving/hosting my old Big Picture classes. If you haven’t heard – Big Picture was purchased by Studio Calico and now they are cancelling the “forever access” that was promised. It has upset many and really been negative, which I think is understandable.

You won’t be seeing me migrate or reopen my classes, as that would be an incredible amount of time and money that I simply don’t have to invest. I did, however, want to do something nice for all my lovely students who have been affected or who now have to back up old classes. So I did what I always do – I put on my creative thinking cap and came up with something that will work for me, and be a special bonus for those students. I will be hosting a sort of “best of” class at as a fond farewell to the company I loved and knew, and as a thank you to all the students who took my classes at Big Picture. This will be open for a limited time and free to those students of the classes affected – you’ll get the email with instructions from BPC directly.

I have made great friends with many of my students, and I’m truly blessed that you enjoy the classes I teach and the content I create. As I sit and edit my newest class, plan 2015 classes, and brainstorm new ideas these recent events have me thinking I made the right leap.

Your continued support and encouragement means so much, and I am excited to bring you new classes and ideas in year 2! I am hoping to be able to bring in more contributors, classes, and inspiration too.

So THANK YOU! Here’s to kicking off the second year with a lot of new content…

16 thoughts on “My online classes – past, present, and a very happy crafty future!”

  1. absolutely! It won’t be until 2015, but once I get a handle on things I will make it available. 🙂

  2. May, this is awesome of you! I am one who is really upset as I have over 20 classes from them and this has left a bad taste in my mouth for them and SC. The whole appeal was lifetime access, but now I know better and I don’t trust that promise from any company anymore. It doesn’t mean that I won’t take classes because I love yours, but it is just that I will not expect any to be around longer than the date it says to take them. Things are changing too fast in this industry lately and it seems that the customers are the ones losing out. So again, thank you for doing this.

  3. I just wanted to say that you are an amazing teacher. Your classes are top quality. The programs are content-rich, and inspiring. The projects you choose for demonstrating your lessons or techniques are so well thought out. You’re a top notch artist, creative, writer, and teacher. Your teaching classes through BPC is before I found you, but I’m sure those classes are awesome too. Anyway, glad you came up with a solution that works, good luck with it. Thanks for your generous spirit. Michelle t

  4. Hi, May
    I first started taking classes with you on the BPC site (awesome classes, by the way!….loved the Adventures in Scrapbooking series, especially the Kit class) and now on your site. I will miss the old BPC but look forward to whatever comes next as change brings new opportunities. Looking forward to your “Best of” class and thank you for your generosity and positive spirit….happy crafting!

  5. Dear May – YOU are one of the main reasons I became loyal to BPC. Although I didn’t take a lot of classes due to my schedule, I enjoyed and learned so much from all of your classes. I even signed up for one when I knew I wouldn’t be able to “attend” in “real time” just because I learn so much from you. I fully understand your decision. After all, it was trying to offer too much without the infrastructure that caused a lot of the problem at BPC (or at least that’s what it sounds like from the announcement and Stacy’s letter). You are very wise to know what you can and can’t do; to know what your focus is, and stick with it and not be distracted by all the rest. I’ll be watching the e-mails and looking forward to what you are planning. As always, I know it will truly be the “Best Of”.

  6. Thank you May for the quick answer to a huge question. I love the classes on your new site and hope to continue to take new ones for years to come. Hugs,

  7. Thank you for your encouraging answer to this disappointment so many of us are feeling. Your classes have been so fun and inspirational, and I am so glad to continue with you on your own site. Looking forward to what you have in the future!

  8. Hi May, I too took your classes at BPC and loved them. I had to use the name Meggie though because all the other names and nicknames were taken. Thank goodness I had downloaded the materials from those classes as I took them.
    I came over to your site because I enjoyed your classes at BPC. Love the classes here too. Thank you and keep up the great work

  9. I think much could be learnt here on how to do things for your customer base and how not to do things !! like being open and honest from the get go and not making promises you cannot keep. Keep being you May – it’s a winning combination 🙂

  10. When I was doing some “inventory” last week, to see which BPC materials I already had saved or printed, I was amazed at all the great handouts I had printed from your classes over there. I know I’ve got approximately 80 bazillion layouts that were created based on your encouragement, ideas, and inspiration. Wishing you continued success over here in your own “shop,” and I look forward to signing up for more classes in the future. ~ Laura

  11. Your classes were some of the best I took at BPC. Can’t wait for the stars to align so that I can take a class here!

  12. Thanks so much, May – I’m not upset by the shift….I figured if I hadn’t used an old class by now, time to clean the closet. And I’m excited to see what gets cooked up. And. You are so inspiring to me. Talk about pursuing your passion and ideas, you epitomize that!

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