not all ideas are good ones.

I just realized I haven’t posted in a week – oops!


So I’ve been testing out ideas and techniques. Sometimes? The experiments and your creative vision just doesn’t work! Here are three such examples. Wasted energy? Paper? Nope. The paper can be recycled and I worked out what NOT to do with this stamp.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new card. For now, I will try to get some sleep.

7 thoughts on “not all ideas are good ones.”

  1. Very curious, want to hear about the mistake and how you recovered it. Looking forward to your post about the tag. Michelle t

  2. I was wondering where you’ve been! One of the things I learned from you is that I can paint or spray over “mistakes” or cut them up into something else. I’ve stopped throwing away paper and, more importantly, I’ve stopped considering my not-so-great-ideas failures.

  3. I kinda like the first one, I can see it layered with clear crackled UTEE and more ink, but that’s just me. I get how you say it isn’t a waste, I just used a mop up tag on a layout today.
    Can’t wait to see what you do create with the stamp.

  4. I like the page on the far right very much. Keep it! Keep It. Okay I’ve voted so now back into my cage. Oh btw, Just started my/your Supplies On Hand class and really liking it. Thanks for telling us we can begin wherever we are with whatever is on hand. I’m starting with a vacation photo and parts of an unused kit. Thanks again for the 20% discount on PaperclippingRoundtable! Blessings to you. Simona

  5. Haha. I am working on a card (and working on it and working on it) and I may have to call it quits… I was “painting” with spray mists per your Supplies on Hand class (which is awesome) and I’m thinking it is getting worse not better… I’m going to try and finish and post on my blog later. Can’t wait to hear your solutions!

  6. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes things don’t work out. It is so easy to get frustrated when you try something new and you can’t get it right no matter what you do. It is so tempting to give up on that technique or supply. Please keep posting those boo boos and reminding us that it is ok.

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