Scrappy and the Copic class…


Aka that time I took Scrappy with me to take a class from the FANTASTIC Sandy Allnock to get our first real lesson in Copic coloring. First we went to Hero Arts and hung out with some favorite people, then it was over to Scrapbook Territory for shopping and class.


I know! We are supposed to be USING and not buying new stash. Whooooops.

IMG_6137 (68) - Copy

After some trial and error and testing things and tips from Sandy… I found a technique I like and successfully colored a card front!

IMG_6142 - Copy

While I don’t think I’ll ever be a Copic master, it was really fun to sit, color, and learn. I’m so glad it all worked out – and that my tiny puppy companion was *so* good on her first crafty adventure too! Sandy was a great teacher – I hope to take a class from her again in the future!

10 thoughts on “Scrappy and the Copic class…”

  1. Wow that’s awesome. How awesome is Scrappy to be so good for your class? May, you are a technique master, I know you got this Copics thing down! Michelle t

  2. What a good and cute doggie! Looks like you had fun shopping and learning….great job on the coloring.

  3. So good for the puppy’s education and so fun for everyone else. What a good dog. I love the pics!

  4. May, I have to say I LOVE when Scrappy is included in your crafty adventures. She is adorable and makes me smile every time! x

  5. Hi May! So cool to see Scrappy doing so well and being such a well behaved puppy. My two dogs have been trying my patience and have also been rendezvousing with a skunk. Not fun! Nice to see you are using up your stash ( she said sarcastically). As much as I say I shall not buy any more sb paper, I cannot go into a craft store without picking up something to add to my stash. Concerning the Copics, I remember when you said you were terrible at card making. I think you have proven to yourself that you make quite lovely cards. I suspect that in a few months you will be mastering Copic blending techniques. I shall enjoy watching your progress.

  6. Oh Scrapbook Territory…I haven’t gone down there in years; does the owners’ dog still hang out under the cash register? That place makes me want to hoard wood mounted stamps (and I’ve got nowhere to store them!) I love how your card turned out, I would love to see you do more Copic stuff too. I just like watching you experiment, I feel like I’m along for the crafty ride not like I’m being instructed. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great job! I’m in the midst of a series of 6 Copic classes trying to learn how to use them. Fun!!!

  8. I love the gals at Scrapbook Territory, and they always have the great NEW stuff!!! P am, I’m taking the online Copic class too, at least I think that’s the one you’re taking…loads of info and great “homework” assignments!!! So, please someone tell me what kinds of dog is that cute little bundle…a mini pincher???

  9. Such cute pics!! Love that Scrappy could come along with you!
    And I remember, like Barb T, that you said you weren’t good at cards! You certainly are good now!
    That colouring looks amazing!

  10. Scrappy is the most perfect scrapping dog ever! Love that she joined you on your coloring adventures and the card looks lovely!

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