a new (video) series…

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome support, ideas, and generally for just taking time to read my blog. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I won’t be blogging these (for the most part) – but that I’m starting a new video series over on YouTube. A little lifestyle/health, some behind the scenes, and once in a while maybe a random tangent. Anyhow – the videos will be over here on my channel if you’re interested.

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  1. Looking forward to what’s going on. I know the feeling and it’s time to take care of myself. I’ve put on weight and inches too boot. So here is to us to get motivated in the life style.

  2. I watched the video and really enjoyed your openness and honesty. I truly enjoy your approach to craftiness and life. I also will be very interested in seeing how you put your room back together. I love craft room tours…..that are really used. I always wonder if those super “fancy” craft rooms ever really get used. Your inspiration has given me the courage and wisdom to get my hands dirty. Keep it up, and many thanks.


  3. Hi May … nice to meet you! I love the idea of weekly (or more) videos with you. I’ll be here waiting. Thanks for doing this.

  4. Congrats on all the new things you are doing in your life! Every now and then a major overhaul is needed and sounds Iike you are choosing some great direction, especially with your health. Being mindful of what we put into our bodies is so important…we have to be responsible as individuals in all areas of life. All that to say, you go, girl!
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the craft space makeover. I am still so stumped by how to sort embellishments. Dimensional stuff like brads, buttons, Tom Holtz stuff, gems, flowers, and then die cuts, journaling cards, stickers, word stickers…and I don’t think I have as much as some people do but it’s enough to make me crazy! How DO you organize it so it’s useful and findable? And what about 12×12 sheets of chipboard die cuts? Or stickers? Punch them out? Cut them into smaller 6×6 chunks?
    P.S. Watched the video and gave it a thumbs up. Hope you keep it up.

  5. Hi May! Love the videos and as always how real and honest you are. You are my scrap therapist! Taking your classes and now seeing your videos is a reminder of how doing little things adds up to big things! Thank you for the encouragement, creativity and kindness. I too am using the free running app and at week 4 I got a nasty summer cold and kind of quit but now I’m going to try to make time to finish what I started. Keep up the amazing work!

    Your Girl Scout tee is awesome!

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