What would you like to see?


Right now there is a new creative storm brewing… a lot of fun stuff coming from me and some completely new things. The other day after blogging and during some reflection a big ol chunk of new creativity broke free. From painting big canvases to writing and doodling a ton – it’s a whole new chapter opening up and I can’t stop thinking on it. Born of negative issues – it’s maybe the most positive thing I’ve ever worked on. Sorry to be cryptic!! Not quite ready to go public and share this new chapter…

Thank you for all your inspiring and encouraging comments this week Рyou helped me keep my focus. Stay on track. Much as I would love to hop a train to negative town РI know the ticket to happy-ville is to stay positive and make the most of things.

I’m working on just that.


I’m also keeping the humor alive and well.

So as things develop in new and wonderful ways, and as I work on a lot of ideas and ways to improve myself (and this blog!) I would love to hear from YOU, fabulous reader. Is there anything you’d like to see? burning questions? Does the occasional “video blog” live from the studio interest you? Organization? General creativity? Just project sharing? I’d love your input…

So thank you for reading, and for always reminding me what I love about blogging the most: sharing ideas and getting to know fantastic crafters and kind souls all over the world.

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  1. Hang in there May, life is full of bumps and bruises, bad decisions and a whole lotta crap. But we survive and come out stronger on the back side of it all. You have a world of friends out here who admire you. Remember that.

  2. Not sure what you are going through right now, but just so you know I am saying a prayer for you right now. I only know you from reading your blog that I found this year. I know that all women, moms, sisters, and daughters need encouragement. I pray for whatever it is that you need in your life right now, the Lord knows it all and he can handle it in his very strong and loving hands.
    As far your question of things that we reader’s might like to see, I think it is very interesting to hear the back story of what inspired certain creations?

  3. May, I always appreciate that you keep it real. I admire that you are choosing happy and staying on the positive path. I know life can throw some curve balls but I believe with all my heart that choosing a productive and positive path makes all the difference between success and failure.

    What would I like to see from you? Video blogs would be fun. Always interested in how others are organizing their stuff, especially staying organized. General creativity boosters and staying motivated. And of course always love to see your projects. Thanks for asking. Thanks for being you.

  4. May, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch right now. Hope everything works out well soon! I would personally love to see more videos. That was probably my favorite feature of Camp Scrap this year! I love watching how you work through the creative process. In fact, Mama & I were just talking about that yesterday–how helpful it is. Anyway, I’m sending positive thoughts your way. Take care of yourself. Hope you have a great day!

  5. I’m sorry things aren’t great now. I hope things get better soon. That’s great that you have come away with new inspiration. As far as the blog goes, I really just like coming here and would enjoy anything. I love the videos, about anything, that would be great. Thanks. I hope things go well. Michelle t

  6. May, I hope this weekend brings renewed enthusiasm and that life gets easier for you. I love your positive attitude.

    What would I like to see? All those amazing techniques you use on page layouts. I am not a tag or card maker and have a very difficult time visualizing how “awesome” technique number 131 would look on a scrapbook lay out. Videos. I love your videos and I really love that they are not edited (meaning that you don’t take out the “I’m not sure where this is going” parts)

    Feel better!

  7. Tutorials! Can’t get enough! Be it step out photos, or videos. On just about anything creative. Pet peeves: when someone posts how-to videos on a 30 second technique, but I have to waste 10 minutes watching because they’re either unscripted & unprepared, or they launch into a long jag about products, they forgot/missing a tool, and the camera rolls while they search, etc. another pet peeve: too much personal BS on a creative blog.

  8. Fabulous button.

    I am anxious, as I have said before, to see any craft space postings you have. I think we work similarly.
    Hard part for me is that two classes close together are hard on my budget, but I hope to see them offered again later.

  9. May, I love how you can turn negatives into positive and sharing with us means were not alone.
    Thank you for that and I agree it does make you real. I enjoyed the handouts, videos in Camp Scrap.
    I do need to work on organizing all the time but just don’t get it done.

  10. I like to see you working on projects, especially cards, but anything you do is fun to watch. Keep that chin up, things have a way of turning around.

  11. A few months ago you posted a page from your journal and it was fabulous … I’ve moved on from scrapbooking to art journaling and it totally feeds my soul. I’ll come back to the albums, to the scrapbooking … but when I saw that canvas above, my heart skipped a beat! Hoping you do more of that! I hear you on staying positive … being in the moment and not worrying about tomorrow or beating yourself up about ystdy is a truly a place of peace and if we can stay in moment and just do the next right thing, we’ll make it.
    Have a great weekend … love your blog, your art … you are inspiring!

  12. You’ve already gotten a lot of feedback, here, and I echo much of it. I’m still amazed at Camp Scrap, the amount of content for the price was simply incredible. Your classes are fantastic, so any more of those will be welcome. I definitely do not mind paying for good content, and yours is some of the best out there.

    I love ideas about incorporating techniques into scrapbooking/memory keeping, whether it’s stamping, stenciling, mixed media stuff, whatever. I also think it would be cool to know a little more about the mediums because there are so many different kinds of products out there. Yes, I could read about it, but having someone demo it for me on an actual project makes it sink into my memory better.

    You bring a great deal of personality and integrity to your blog and classes, so more of the same. I love that you show your human side. It inspires me. I hope I can inspire others that way. Life is full of bumps. Sometimes reality hits so hard, you think you might never recover. That’s happened to me…repeatedly. Keep walking. It’s a cliche I didn’t used to like too much, but “this too shall pass” is so true. Eventually…things get better. Big hugs as you sort through whatever’s troubling your world. People love you; take some strength from that and keep faith in yourself.

  13. That canvas is so pretty.
    And that button is so cool.
    I had a “day” yesterday and thought of you and your positivity – after that I started being extra nice to people and I felt a lot better!

  14. I would love the occasional live video from the studio and I struggle with organization. Oh May, you are such an inspiration, I can’t thank you enough!

  15. Yes, product demos! I agree. There are so many products, and for someone who’s sorta new at this, plus wants to learn every single technique, product demos are helpful, plus I trust your opinion. Thanks. Michelle t

  16. Your new online class is perfect for a gal like me…using my stash…gotta make a dent! I love videos ..about anything !!! Camp Scrap was a favorite and creative process pages continue to be a favorite here.

  17. I’m excited to see what you’re cooking up, May. And hey, you and Ali have the same great idea about focusing on the positive. I love it!
    I do have a question: I’m curious….I think it was on Paperclipping (so enjoy listening when you’re a guest, btw) where I heard you mention the correlation between physical clutter and….personal clutter. At least that’s how I took it. At the time it really struck a chord. I’ve had a mother of a personal pity party lately, and my house went to Hell in a hand basket. And…..I packed on 20 pounds (and I had a few extra pounds hanging around already….ugh!). I think I’m starting to dig out….10 pounds down, and you can see the floor of my craft room. Am I making sense here, or did I dream it? Because you were talking perfect sense, sister. Any more thoughts?

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