When life makes you go to the vet a lot…


grab a pinkberry.

Ok so it doesn’t have to be this – but instead of being mad or annoyed at knowing I’m going to spend yet another hour (plus 30m each way driving) at a puppy appointment I just said “hey – while there let’s hit pinkberry.”

Silver lining. Always, always look for it.

Also: pinkberry, ice cream, cupcake shops, or any other sweet treats. Might as well enjoy the day…


3 thoughts on “When life makes you go to the vet a lot…”

  1. I’m sorry about you having to run to the vet, I hope it was a scheduled appointment. I guess it’s always better to look on the bright side, and even though we don’t have pinkberry around here, it certainly sounds like an awesome bright side! Michelle t

  2. Love how you think…if it’s got to be done might as well make a bright point! Awesome outlook!

  3. I hope puppy is OK? What is pinkberry? And what are the little bauble thingies? They look yummy!

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