Camp Scrap: Last call!


As I edit the final videos of Camp Scrap wow – hard to believe it has been a whole six weeks since this class began!

More than sixty projects. WAY more than 20 hours of video instruction. A dozen PDF files. Five hour-long live q&a video sessions. So much more. Basically? One huge and amazing class and I had a blast putting it all together. Looking at these numbers it also explains why my blog has been pretty quiet this summer! I’ve been at camp.


Each of the four sessions will remain available for purchase as self-paced workshops… but the all-inclusive Camp Scrap pass that includes all four sessions for $28 will no longer be available after Wednesday the 6th. To get more info and register click here.


As a reminder this – and all my classes – remain open and available for students to re-visit and enjoy for as long as they should care to do so. It doesn’t expire and there is not a limit on when you can enjoy the materials or how fast you should go.


Later this week sneak peeks will be added as well as updates to each of the four sessions to include the bonus content and so forth each course will have its own registration page if you’d like to register down the road.


It has been an amazing journey full of creative fun – thank you to all those who participated! I will be doing a sponsor thank-you post later this week as well as a project post and puppy update.

Happy Crafting!

5 thoughts on “Camp Scrap: Last call!”

  1. If you are on the fence about signing up, go now and register! May has done an incredible job and every session has been full of information and inspiration. I love her teaching style and her creativity!

  2. May, you have poured so much of yourself into camp, it is incredible! I have not been able to participate fully each week, but look forward to going back in on my own time and playing. Thank you so much!

  3. This has been the best gift I’ve given myself. I’m learning so much, and best of all my confidence has improved. And May has gone above and beyond. And did I mention before what an awesome and generous teacher she is? Michelle t

  4. I have to say, with regard to ratio of content to dollars, Camp Scrap knocks other classes out of the park. I’ve only watched the videos for Kit-tastic so far, and I can’t believe how much content there is just for that portion of the Camp. And you’re bringing the A-game, May. Thanks for a great set of classes. I can’t wait to get started on all the rest!

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