Here’s hoping…

This is a rare sight since breaking her leg. Miss Scrappy actually asleep in the daytime!


This strange creature:

  • Loves to sleep upside down and with her head like this hanging out of her bed.
  • Favorite thing? Having┬áher bed up on top of my desk positioned so she can look at me or look out the window at the street action.
  • Gets X-Rays tomorrow to see if we can go back to playing and activity that will hopefully make the above nap more regular and less rare…

Here’s hoping…

11 thoughts on “Here’s hoping…”

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed too, but I must say it is adorable how she is sleeping with her nose in the embossing dryer.

  2. I’m wishing you luck, too. We just adopted a 10month old puppy girl this weekend. It’s been 10yrs. But it’s time. I’m finding myself exhausted, though the kids are older and a huge help. I was afraid. For one thing I’m sick, and not just sick. It’s kinda big time sick. I was afraid mostly too over the attachment. Well that’s over. I fell in love hook line and sinker. And I can see Bailey being a companion. We had been talking about it for a while, so it was time. She’s brought a joy into this house that’s greatly needed. Good luck, May. Michelle t

  3. So sorry she broke her leg.
    But looks like she is enjoying
    her life in the craft room
    with you!
    Carla from Utah

  4. Even with a bum leg, Scrappy’s got it going on. Hope she is all better and able to get back to her puppy antics soon.

  5. Hysterical photo! She is so tired from all that work you have her doing……designing layouts, mixed media projects, choosing photos, art journaling, coming up with new lessons and of course, videotaping the sessions. Like your daughters, she will grow up too fast. Pug Jetta sends her well wishes.

  6. Goodness gracious your puppy could not be cuter and I hope she has a very speedy recovery! It is fantastic that she is on your desk and is such a sweet crafting buddy.

    By the way we have a puppy that looks a lot like your pup. We went to an adoption drive for one puppy that would be a good companion for our lab mix rescue (we lost her buddy last summer), this little thing clung on and we ended up with her and her adorable friendly hearing-impaired brother…they were both found together on the streets and how could we split them up? lol

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