Journey: A Mixed Media project

Mixed Media projects don’t have to take a long time or be hard. The key is individual components and having some simple formulas. I’m hard at work here in my studio on my all-new mixed media class (that can be taken individually or as a part of Camp Scrap 2014- info here) right now – and I’m having a blast.

While I can’t show you those exclusive class materials, I can show you a fun little canvas I whipped up a few weeks back!


Some paste, die cuts, and rub-ons as well as a bit of ink and tissue is really all this needed.


The folks who saw me at the Simon Create event can attest to my mad “make them stick to anything” rub-on skills. There are definitely tricks to that! If you’re in my distress class then some of the techniques on this piece will be familiar to you. (and if you want more info on it – you can check it out here!)


Looking for more? Join the fun in the mixed media session of Camp Scrap (or join in all the sessions!) Information and registration can be found here. Class begins June 30th, you can register at any time.

3 thoughts on “Journey: A Mixed Media project”

  1. Great canvas May. And you are making that die cut set look more and more attractive to me!

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