Camp Scrap 2014…


It’s coming! It is going to be different than years past- I’m excited to share more information soon!!

Right now- I would love your input via comment here or email (mflaum @ comcast . Net)

What topics would you love to see? What types of projects? What companies featured and/or give-aways from? Do you like shopping discount codes?

I think you’re going to love what I have so far, but I also would love some feedback. πŸ™‚



Ps: 2 people who comment or email me will also be randomly drawn for all-access passes to camp scrap 2014…

60 thoughts on “Camp Scrap 2014…”

  1. Oh, yay! I LOVE Camp Scrap! One thing I’d like to see you cover is creating embellishments (tags, layered punched or die cut pieces, etc.,.) to use on scrapbook pages. Also, creating 3×4 cards to use in both pocket and traditional scrapbooking. I love how you incorporate stamping into scrapbooking, and I loved your class on that, so I’d like to see even more techniques and ideas. I’d also like to see ideas on adding different textures to projects. Manufacturers I like and would enjoy receiving a giveaway from would be Echo Park Paper, Simple Stories, Elle’s Studio, as well as kits from popular kit clubs. And yes, discount codes are always awesome. One more thing, I love classes that offer specific challenges to complete. Those always get my creativity jump-started. Can’t wait for the new Camp Scrap!!

  2. I really enjoy seeing your thought process on putting together your layouts and I love how you use ordinary items from your stash to create terrific embellishments and to add little touches to your pages. I’m not manufacturer focused so featuring specific companies is not a real factor for me nor is discount vouchers because that really just excludes anyone in your class who isn’t in the US. I love what you already do May, so I’d suggest you just keep doing it πŸ™‚

  3. Yay! I am always really interested in techniques, especially anything with stencils and watercolors…

  4. I loved your stamp class and learned so much from it… so I would love to see some of those concepts in Camp Scrap. I am very into messy stuff right now… inks, watercolors, paint. So excited!

  5. OK, so I’ve got the products and plenty of ’em!!! I know lots of technique, I’ve done workshops and bought the books and magazines. Yet I still don’t seem to be pulling them together to make projects. For example I can demo any number of Distress techniques on a nice little tag, but give me a scrapbook page and I don’t seem to be able to transfer the ideas across onto the real/bigger thing. Does that make any sense May?


  6. I absolutely love this page!!! I am so into stencils and spray inks! Can we say addiction?! Giveaway ideas~ the new Tim Holtz lines, die cuts, stencils, stamps, Love discount codes or better yet~ free shipping πŸ˜‰


  7. what they have all said!
    my only thing would be keeping internationals in mind πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to checking it out πŸ˜€

  8. Just me personally I have some different things going on. I’m not at all tech savvy. I can access pdf’s, watch videos and get handouts, which I’d love. But I don’t know how to load anything I do to a website or anything like that. I can participate in message boards and I’d like that, I just hope I’d somehow be able to be included. I’d love to take a class from you, you are my very favorite technique driven scrapper/artist and I’d love to be in on it. Also as someone else said, applying techniques directly to the page. I am only interested in layouts, I don’t do Project Life. I like Echo Park, Carta Bella, Simple Stories paper, Studio Calico embellishments, and Tim Holtz inks and stuff. I’m also interested in making my own embellishments. I hope I made some sense with what I was trying to say. Thank you very much for reading my comment, and for a chance to win. I appreciate that. Michelle t

  9. I have never attended camp scrap but I’m very interested! I would like to see more about taking techniques done on tags or cards and applying to 12×12 page! Also, using stamps on a full scrapbook page. I feel like the scale is off so that would be huge- also sounds like I may need to check out your stamping class!

  10. I’d also like to see adding stamping and different techniques to a page. I, too, have tons of products and can do the techniques, but rarely do they make it to an actual page. I tend to go back to my tried and true style, but I LOVE to play and just need more practice. I like specific ‘assignments’, or project challenges. I gives me a deadline or goal. I’m not manufacturer driven, either, but I seem to have tons of Studio Calico bits laying around that I’d love to use up. I’d love to practice using up my stash and all those great stamps I have that are still in the packaging. Thanks!

  11. I am sure you are having fun putting this together. As for ideas, of course I have gotten on the multi media bandwagon, however I just bought modeling paste and have no idea what to do with it. Also, I would love to see these new companies products a little closer… Hazel and Ruby. Would love to support the new little companies. Looking forward to more info.


  12. I LOVE Camp Scrqp! My only input would be to have a little of everything for everyone. I love it all…but sometimes people just love what they love. So, if you had scrapping, stamping, mixed media, card making….a little of it all. :o) LOVE CAMP Scrap!!

  13. I’ve never had the opportunity to attend your S.C., but I do enjoy your blog; you cover many areas of stamping; your blog is colorful, simple, but very nice & easy to case & educational; thank you for what you do to this blog; I’m sure your Camp Scraps are as equally, if not more than what’s mentioned here.

  14. You did a post on a page in your art journal several weeks ago …. I would LOVE to see a bit more on this, I started one and am in love, but feel like I wish I knew more, just the basics … things like different gesso’s; what pens work with paint/sprays, embossing paste and other fun things to incorporate. May be a whole other camp, but thought I’d throw it into the mix! Thanks

  15. Camp Scrap is awesome! In addition to your normal technique and product use content, I would love to learn more color theory and ideas for on the go scrapbooking. I would enjoy learning more watercolor techniques, and ideas for printing and using very large and small prints in layouts. The biggest thing I would like to learn is how to better photograph my layouts. I’ve read quite a bit on it and my technique has improved, but it’s still not where I want it. I have enjoyed your series about using supplies that have not previously been used and sort of passed over. Would love more of that. Ideas for saving money purchasing supplies online would be helpful, as well as ways to get the most mileage out of what we purchase. I like having challenges that make me go outside my usual way of scrapbooking. One last thing, since it’s camp, after all, some ideas for nature journaling when you don’t have the best drawing skills would be nice. Product give-always I would like are kits from Simon Says Stamp, Studio Calico, along with product lines that are not available through the big craft stores because that’s all I have close to me! Thanks May!

  16. I love everything you did in Camp Scrap 2013 and know I’ll enjoy whatever you come up with for 2014! As far as manufacturers, I would like to see you use Close To My Heart supplies. As a consultant, it amazes me how many people still don’t know about CTMH!

  17. I would love to see information on ways to use stencils, inks, sprays, and embossing paste (modeling paste). I would also be interested in ways to layer and use up all those little embellishments.

  18. Yippie-ki-yea!!! I know I shall love another installment of Camp Scrap. I accidentally saw that you had posted when I was on my way to pay bills. So for now all I have time to say is that I am uber excited and hope to be back to give my input to the suggestions you gave. Color me happy!

  19. I loved Camp Scrap last year! I don’t do a lot of scrapping with paints or stencils or inks. I had a blast learning new techniques. I would love to see a mix of different types of projects and how various techniques or products (like stencils) can be used in each project. So looking forward to this year!!

  20. I would love silhouette cameo tips and using stamping on my scrapbook pages. I seem to have no problem stamping on cards but when it gets to my pages I am so stuck/intimidated. Also, I love my minds eye and echo park and pebbles they seem to be my go to companies lately. Thanks for doing another camp scrap – I love seeing how you put your pages together!

  21. I loved Camp Scrap last year! I don’t use stencils or paints or inks very often so I love seeing ways to use these products in my scrapbooking. I would love to see a mix of different types of projects and how techniques and/or products can be used on each one. So looking forward to this year!

  22. Yeah, Camp again! Just love it reminds me of girl scout camp, lol!
    I love everything but would be interested in embossing paste with stencils and I love when you have layout ideas! Ideas using up stash is always great as well! Anything and everything! Have a great day! and I hope to win, that would be a first! lol

  23. I haven’t had the pleasure to attend a previous class but I so enjoy your blog. I love that you cover such a variety of topics and techniques! Thank you so much.

  24. Love reading your blog! Camp Scrap sounds fun. Ideas for me is that I’m still trying to use mixed media in my scrapbook pages. Not really sure how to put it all together without making a big mess. Also would like more on using the embellishments I keep collecting and don’t use. πŸ™‚

  25. Love your blog! I really appreciate your inspiration. I would like to see some ideas for mini books that could be used as cards. For example, when I send my mom pictures of the kids’ birthday parties, I would like to put them in a creative mini book and tell the story. Also – I have boys – need boy themed “stuff”. and as always, stash busters. Thanks so much, May!

  26. Reading through the comments, there are some great ideas. There is SOOO much product available and most of us have drawers, containers, and rooms full of product. I personally like creation from “these items” that churns the creative juices for me. The technique you shared this past weekend with the white acrylic paint through a stencil and then spray…I read it, loved it…and did it! How fun was the process!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love to purchase all kinds of crafty stuff, but I think others share my concern, I have this stuff, and now overwhelmed …and can’t get it going on paper….So would love to sit in this class !!!

  27. Anything you do would be great. I am mainly a card maker so techniques that can be used on cards as well as scrapbook pages would be helpful.

  28. I have loved everything you’ve ever done in any class I’ve taken, so more of what is your “usual” would be great! That being said, I need to learn to use what I have in different ways, like incorporating pocket scrapping cards into regular layouts or cards. I’ve been loving your May vs. Stash posts, I love things that will force me to use stuff I”m already sitting on and need to “move it or lose it”. I know you need sponsors, and they want you to use new product, totally get that, but I’d love to see you pull in older things to help us use it up so we can buy the new goodies with less guilt! Techniques are always great, stamps, water colors, layering stencils, fun with distress, all sound wonderful to me.
    As for giveaways and shopping discounts, I love both! Discount codes are especially nice, since that is something everyone can use, and not everyone will win a prize. Thanks for being open to suggestions!

  29. Can’t wait for Camp Scrap 2014! Would love a focus on card-making/smaller “canvases”. Sometimes seems that all the elaborate stuff is great for scrapbook pages but hard to tone dawn enough for a card! But anything you teach is great πŸ™‚

  30. I have enjoyed each of your Camp Scraps over the past few years. I love seeing your home dΓ©cor pieces – canvases, frames. Of course, I love anything scrappy too! Looking forward to the details!

  31. Yay….Camp with May. I enjoyed last year so much and loved learning and creating in many different ways than I usually do. You opened up my creativeness to new levels. I know that whatever you have planned for this year will be awesome and inspiring. I would love to learn more on making your own embellishments. I love Echo Park and Simple stories. Stamping on layouts is one of the things I would love to do more of. Thanks May looking forward to Camp.

  32. Yay! Time to start thinking about camp πŸ™‚
    I’d like some mixed media projects (e.paste, D. inks, paints & stains, maybe some gelatos?). I like all things Tim Holtz, obviously, but I’m also into everything gold (all brands) right now and skinny washi tape and stencils, of course. As for project format, I’m kind of a minimalist these days: ATCs, pocket cards, greeting cards & mini books. Oh, and it would be way cool if there was a mixed-media, stash-busting kind of project that I could put in my 7Gs printers tray this summer. Kerri Bradford’s July “This & That” cutting files, while as gorgeous as ever, are very American and I’m — well — not πŸ˜‰ It might be the perfect place for a bit of a techniques showcase, I’m thinkin’. Thanks May!

  33. Such fun! There seems to be a flavour for different techniques including distressed, mixed media, stencils, inks and products. I love them all. Just sounds like a great time will be had by all.

  34. Spray inks, stencils, stamps, washi tape…..oh the list I could make! I would love to see companies such as Simon Says Stamps, Studio Calico, American Crafts, Heidi Swapp, and again the list goes on and on. I love em all! I missed this last year. I’m thrilled you are doing this class again! Cannot wait!!!!!

  35. Yay! Time for camp! Love all that you create, so anything is grand. Techniques are always cool, and stencils & watercoloring are so trendy right now. Always love the shopping discounts!

  36. Well, that is so cool! What would I like to see?? Well, to be honest, I have never ‘attended’, but heard, and seen fantastic creations from Camp Scrap. I like your techniques…I am always willing to learn! πŸ™‚

  37. It is Camp time already! Yeah!! I would love to see something about how to pull together your own page kits. I would love to be able to pair down my stash into smaller kits. Love the idea of using supplies you have to make embellishments. Also I dislike buttons and have hundreds of them and its either use or toss.. would love ideas on how to incorporate buttons. I’m pretty much love all manufacturers and I think it is very generous of you to offer discount codes. I think Lawn Fawn is my new favorite stamp brand. Can’t wait for camp!

  38. Yay, love Camp Scrap! I would love more ideas on stamping on pages … I have so many stamps but just don’t seem to pull them out. Also, how do you choose your colours – I love how your final pages look. Thanks May! And of course a discount code would be fun!

  39. LOVE Camp Scrap! I would love to use up a ton of stash! I really need to make a dent ASAP πŸ™‚

  40. Love your classes! Looking forward to the camp! Would love to suggest something but I don’t know what I don’t know. What I do know is that your classes become a go to resource when I need to try or practice a technique.

  41. I probably shouldn’t have read through earlier comments first, because I can’t think of anything different!great comments and ideas. I would love to have some instruction in making embellishments…that sounds like a lot of fun. Incorporating techniques into scrapbook pages.
    Giveaways are great. My favorites are My Minds Eye, Crate Paper, Echo Park, Basic Gray, Heidi Swapp. Shopping discounts are always appreciated.
    I learned so much last year at Camp Scrap. It was challenging and a ton of fun!

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  43. I just want to make sure I actually participate. I signed up once and then never followed through. {blush} This time I am hyped up to JUST DO IT!!

  44. I loved camp scrap last year! Last year you inspired me to get some delusions spray ink and distress stains but I can’t figure out how to use them to get a good effect.

  45. Love all your tutorials!
    I would love to see how to make embellishments as mentioned before.
    Also how to make 3×4 or 4×6 “cards” that could be used with PL, LO or on cards. I do all three but the same item could be used by anyone – we all make the “card” and you show us how it works with all three.
    Love giveaways and discounts. Free shipping is always great.
    I love the idea of newer, smaller companies also.
    Otherwise I love: SC, Freckled Fawn and Lawn Fawn, SSS, Mama Elephant stamps, 2Ps, and My list could go on and on…
    Thank you for asking!

  46. Hi May,
    I LOVE your camp scrap classes. I love all your process and technique videos and posts. Most of your technique instruction features a tag or a piece of paper you just have laying around. I know how to do many techniques on a tag. OK. I would love to see 1. Here is how you do this technique. Let’s use a tag to practice. 2. Now let’s use that technique on a LO.
    I guess I would LOVE a class with LOs for all the awesome techniques you use.

  47. Hi, I have loved May’s Camp Scrap on previous years. I love your layouts and techniques. Having fum with stamps, techniques, and plain ole fun. Thanks.

  48. Hi May….so happy to hear you have another camp scrap in the works. The discount codes are great…especially the Simon stamping site. My favorite thing about your classes are the videos, especially the bloopers and all. I think I learn as much from seeing your thoughts and changes to a project as the actual finished project itself. Thanks for asking for ideas, I’m sure others will have some wonderful ideas.

  49. I love everything you do and watching you create, so I trust you will have some great ideas to share with us — stenciling, stamping, cards, scrapbook pages (more of the latter) πŸ™‚ I would love to see a class in various photo phone apps for editing pictures. Your faves and any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated!! I have the Rhonna designs app but don’t really know how to use it. And really love when you post a Simon discount!!

  50. May,

    I would love to see you work with the Viva Decor Inka Gold and Maya Gold products!

  51. I love watching you go through your design process and hearing what you are thinking as you make decisions. I would love to see you work with some of the Stencil Girl stencils and maybe give some away. I love everything you do and can’t wait for Camp Scrap!!

  52. I would like ideas for scrapping hobbies, gardening activities and things folks without children or grandchildren do, more adult ideas. Thanks!

  53. I love camp scrap so much! I am sure that you are going to have some really great ideas, and a lot of fun.

  54. Ideas for incorporating embossing folders rather than just card backgrounds… maybe how to use the diffuser. LOVE your instructional videos and classes May!!!

  55. Oh and for the rest I LOVE shopping and discount codes. Crate Paper, Heidi Swapp, Basic Grey and the Free Spirit Line from Prima, Freckled Fawn, Elle’s Studio, layouts made with cardstock and all digital print or cut files are all things I’d love to see featured

  56. I would like to see some design “challenges” or suggestions in conjunction to the “techniques” taught. I certainly would love to learn more about using cut files. discounts, prizes, free shipping are ALWAYS appreciated! Thanks!

  57. Hi – I just met you at SimonSays Create event! I am not familiar with Camp Scrap; however I’m looking forward to participating. I would love to learn more about incorporating stamping into my scrapbook pages – I currently just use them for cards. Thanks a million for giving us the chance to give feedback!

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