(new layout) and a love letter to the Styleboard line



So far in 2014, there is a clear favorite line in my studio. Maggie Holmes for Crate Paper “Styleboard” is so fantastic – I even have the project life cards.


I’m not a project life person (it seems like a chore, and not fun to document every week) but I do love patterned paper cards and such – and I just counted I only have 40 cards left.

Yes that is right. Of the 100 pack of cards that I just got one month ago, sixty are already used.


This particular line (Styleboard) really suits me because it is so USEFUL. That is the thing about the best scrapbooking products. They aren’t just pretty – they are easy to use. The patterns, colors, and small designs in this line all work incredibly well for my scrapbooking. There are a LOT of colors in this line from red to mint to pink – and that means it works well for a variety of photos.


It also blends incredibly well with Maggie’s previous lines as well as other scrapbook lines.


I always love when a line comes out that blends well with others as it means it will have a longer shelf life and is a better use of my budget (and space) here in my craft room.


Since I had some horse photos I knew I had to use this line and a few of the horse-y pieces to scrapbook with it. I’ve also used gold thread, and a few other random bits.

As I said before I don’t do Project Life – but I love to use the style of page design on my layouts once in a while. I remember when there were freaky page templates that were soooo complicated and detailed you needed an actual template to make it work… I like the simplicity of 3×4 + 4×6.

Now I’m back to figure out what else I can use this lovely line on…

Supplies Used (and favorite bits from Styleboard):

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  1. I’ve never liked the kind of scrapbook layout that features one photo with lots of artistic frills and white space. My style is to try and fit as many photos and as much journaling on a page as possible. So I loved your layout, which combines multiple photos with Project Life cards and embellishments. I agree with you that Syleboard and the Maggie Holmes edition of Project Life feature versatile colors and patterns that work well with many different kinds of photos. Thanks!

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