On the road mini: an introduction


I love vacation scrapbooking while actually out on the trip. It takes a little planning, and a little prep – but it is always worth it. Capturing little details and stories as they happen can be the best way to really get that “in the moment” feel.

When we decided to finally make the jump and buy a little travel trailer for weekend adventures I knew right away I wanted a scrapbook of some kind inside that trailer, with us as we traveled. The question was – what size? What format? How could I bring a scrapbook without bringing supplies as I try to conserve all the space I can in this small trailer?

I’ve answered all of this and explained my plans here in this video.

Simple, easy, won’t take up much space or cause any mess in the trailer either! We went on a single-night test run so I’ve already tested my book out – it was great!


We went to the Petaluma, CA KOA (highly recommend getting an end-site like we did!) and it was a super low-pressure, just testing, no worries run. When I got home I printed my photo, added my (Amy Tangerine stamps + stickers) finishing touches, and back into the trailer the album went!


Now as the rain pours down outside (hooray – it is much needed!) I can sit inside and dream of adventures and filling these pages. This kind of an album would work for so many things where you want to add a page once in a while – I’m excited to do my first dedicated pocket page style album, and I’ll share posts “from the road” as they happen!


Questions? thoughts? tips? feel free to share or ask here!

8 thoughts on “On the road mini: an introduction”

  1. We’ve been camping for 37+ years and loving every minute Since we retired 7 years ago, we have taken 4 (so far) trips lasting 5-6 months each. To help me stay organized, and to remember which sites we visited during which trips, I made a blank calendar for each month, and recorded the name of the campground and location for every night. Really helpful when I want to recommend a favorite to someone who’s gong to the same area. Also, I have kept a journal each day. Now, THAT’s a lot of fun to read. Additionally, I have a large US map and have pinned our travel routes for each of the 4 trips (different color pins for each year). Impressive to look at, and good geography lessons for the grands. Enjoy your travels, there’s nothing like it.

  2. This is such an AWESOME idea!!! I wish I had done something like this last fall when we took 10 days to go around Lake Superior!! I will definitely be putting on of these together for this summer!! I am so sad I didn’t do stuff like this when my kids were young like yours…I have so many camping trips that need to be scrapped yet….and the memories are fading fast in this middle-aged mind!

  3. Love this (and I live in Petaluma). Thanks for sharing. We have a travel trailer too and it’s so fun to spend time with the family camping and with friends and neighbors. I have many camping photos to scrap and the pocket pages are great for this. Maybe we’ll run into each other along the way. Enjoy!!

  4. Have fun May! We bought a pop-up camper last year and have had a great time in it. I keep a spiral notebook in the camper to make notes, but think your idea is SO much better!

  5. LOVE this little book May! I’ve been incorporating the pocket scrapping alongside my 12×12 layouts this year and am really liking the additions.

  6. Just love this idea May. How perfect would this be for any kind of travel … imagine taking it to Disney or on a cruise! The possibilities are endless! Thanks!

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