It is about action.


I found this image in my phone and it reminded me – terrible people don’t just happen, lazy people, messy people, wonderful people – it is hundreds if not thousands of teeny, tiny, daily choices.

It’s about action. About DOING.

What you do every minute of every day is what is defining you. You can make a mistake – you can make loads – but overall, big picture time, it is the little stuff that adds up.

I’m currently in the middle of a big ‘ol struggle against time. I don’t feel like I’m effectively using mine. Oh now don’t get me wrong I will NEVER trade even one minute of time with my family for work or chores or answering email. That said… I know the time I’m not actively doing stuff with them could be better used. I know I’m stumbling, not being proactive enough, and just don’t have a good system at the moment. I know I’m overwhelmed and that it is causing me to freeze instead of move at warp speed.

So step #1: I announce that I am not pleased with my current situation and write down what I *DO* like.

See that’s my way. I will focus on what I like. What is good. What is working. THAT gets to stay. I’ll fill in the rest in ways that I can try and get more creative time, be a more regular blogger, do other things I really want to do but haven’t been fitting in.

Focusing on where I’ve failed lately? What I messed up? NAH. That’s over and done. It’s all about action, and what I’d like to see more of. This isn’t just life in general either – I’ve been a very slow crafter because I’m working on being more focused and deliberate in my projects lately as well.

Which is a good and happy thing.

More on that tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “It is about action.”

  1. May, this was so eloquently said. It reminded me of a famous Socrates quote that my professor used to say to us “The unexamined life is not worth living”. Or the modern Ferris Bueller day version “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
    We should all pause every now and then to take inventory of our relationships, our goals, our intentions. This was a nice reminder. I hope you can create the new balance you are seeking.

  2. A friend of mine has decided that instead of writing ‘to do’ lists each day, she will write ‘done’ lists. She says 3 days in that she does so much more than she realised. I reckon you would be the same…

  3. I think we all as women feel this way from time to time. This am I didn’t get a thing done. No chores, no crafting. I was more disappointed in the no crafting. But I have to put those feelings aside and realize that I am facing health challenges and my body at times requires it. I actually get anxious about not having done anything. But that aside I have to manage my time better to. Will stay tuned to see how you plan. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  4. I love the idea of focusing on what you do get done, or what you’ve done well. I’m bad at only look at the un-done or not well done stuff

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