Creative Retreat – join us!


It has been a wild few weeks, I tell you. I’ve completed (or am as complete as I’m gonna get!!) my CHA coverage. I’m REALLY happy with how many companies were being inclusive of more styles and types of crafting (or ‘making’ as that is the trendy word now… to be a ‘maker’) and that I see good people thriving.

Speaking of creative thriving – have you signed up for my newest on-line class Creative Retreat? The class is ‘live’ right now (meaning, lessons are being added through January 31) but you can register at any time! If you were holding off because you wanted to see more sneak peeks – there are TEN peeks up right now!! I have a few lessons I’ve not added to that peek list yet. You can check out the class info and register here.

I am having SO MUCH FUN with this class – thank you to everyone who signed up so far and all the contributors too!!

Now, I’m going back to my un-plugged weekend and to enjoy the unseasonably beautiful weather with my girls. Have a great day!

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