CHA Winter 2014: Brenda Walton for Sizzix

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The best styled large company booth is Sizzix. They have lots of separate artists/areas and each one is decorated so fantastically and with so much attention to detail it really is amazing.

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Today, I want to kick off Sizzix coverage with my photos of the Brenda Walton line.

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Do you see the birch branches up top? The dangling bits? Birds? Teacups?

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Yup, this was the prettiest little bit of feminine + vintage display on the whole show floor.

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All the samples – including those lovely dangling paper garlands – are made with her dies. The photo above shows just a few – she also has little houses, a shadow/treat box, and so much more.

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This booth felt so spring inspired – makes me want to throw myself another birthday party!

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What I really appreciate is that these products could be used for anything from party décor to scrapbooking to card making to mixed media canvases. Truly a versatile line!

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It was also quite popular. I spy a photo bomber…

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(Scrappy Jedi aka Melissa will likely kill me for posting that photo! But it’s ok. She has plenty she could post of me in retaliation!)

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So when will these ship? They are expected to show up in stores in March – just in time for spring!

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