CHA Winter 2014: Fancy Pants


Fancy Pants released a line this show that I just can’t get out of my head! This line has a lot of travel elements, but it is so much more than that! What I love is the richness of color, and all the details of this line. As You Wish is a first day favorite and I can’t wait to get creating! Let me show you-


First – check out the library cards. I’m┬ásuch a sucker ALWAYS for library cards!

But the embellishments continue to be adorable-


The buttons. Tickets. Ombre + chevron paper?!


I love that there is pink in this line, but also a lot of greens and neutrals. I feel like this balances it all out and prevents it from being a “girl” line.



Oh and the world map paper… LOVE!


Those edges of nautical accent, the rich patterns – this line has really captured my attention!


They have lovely samples throughout the booth, of course!



They also have two more new lines (Nautical and Be Different) and for those wanting more orange and neutral colors you might enjoy these.


I’ll be counting the days until As You Wish releases – and waiting to create with this beautiful new line. I love all the embellishments and lovely designs that Fancy Pants is offering. To see their winter catalog or learn more about these lines you can get information on the Fancy Pants website.

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  1. Love that line May! I had not seen it elsewhere. Saw the picture of you on and hardly recognized you. I think you need a new picture on your website to reflect the ‘new you’. I was really touched by your blog post around New Years about making changes and not resolutions. I know what it is to loose weight and become a ‘new you’ . At age 27 and newly married I went on a strict program and went from 150lbs to 120. I had struggled with weight since Jr. High – my highest weight being 180 in college. The transformation to my soul was amazing! I am so happy for you! Karen Hanim

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