blogs I always read.

I’m trying to do more shout-outs to internet favorites. Today I want to share just a few blogs I always read that you might not know about.

Tammy Tutterow. Known for her Tuesday tutorials – I seriously can’t say enough good things about Tammy and her blog. I personally think anyone who even thinks about touching anything Ranger or Sizzix had better be following her blog. Tammy is absolutely amazing and her techniques and finished projects inspire me so much… and make me wish I could go over and craft with her! Girl has mad skills.

Paperiliitin. Riikka is just… daaaaaaaaaang. Her layouts absolutely stun me with their amazingness. She makes me want to mix more colors, textures, and just layer a whole lot more onto my layouts. Her work is fantastic to say the least. She’s super prolific too – which is also a great inspiration.

Purple Mail Box. Ashli is a friend, but I’ve been reading her blog devotedly since discovering it. The thing about Ashli is she is maybe one of the messiest scrapbookers around. What inspires me MOST about this, is that she embraces it. She’s just there having fun, telling stories, and making epic messes. Her process fascinates me and most of the time I’ll hit a point where I go “well, this can’t possibly work…” AND THEN IT DOES. I love that she shares so much of her process and so many of her beautiful layouts. Great stuff.

Nerd Fitness. Inspiration, motivation, and maybe the best writing style of all blogs I read. I love Steve’s voice and how uplifting and fun he makes all things fitness. Thanks to his guidance? I’m coaching soccer and doing deadlifts at the gym. Two things I would have told you were IMPOSSIBLE last year at this time. If you’d like to level up your fitness or life in general – you gotta read this blog.

and a new-to-me blog run by a woman who I met recently.

Creative Juice – she’s all about entertaining, Macarons (mmmm), and lots of fun stuff that I think just looks fantastic. I’m excited to have met her – and discovered her blog!

I’ve got more favorites to share of course – this isn’t all of them but I will save more for another day.

Now I wish you a happy weekend. And football on your phone.

10 thoughts on “blogs I always read.”

  1. Thanks for sharing these blogs. I’m always looking for new inspiration and ways to challenge my creativity.

  2. OH my goodness that video is the FUNNIEST Thing!!! I am laughing so hard! I can’t wait to show my son when he gets home from school! P.S. thanks for sharing the blogs. LOVE NERD FITNESS!!! Found Steve through your site about a year ago!

  3. I’m glad (again) that I stopped by….I am NOT familiar with these blogs…so now I have more ways of using the internet.

    I LOVE>>>>that video….saw it on tv once and we laughed and laughed. Those crazy Manning boys.

  4. Tammy is an always here also-and I’m adding Nerd Fitness.checked it out-and I like it.

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