CHA: Cosmo Cricket

cosmo (4) copy

This is the one booth that I got home and went “oh man, I failed!!” because y’all there was a LOT of goodness here and I seemed to miss a lot of it!

cosmo (8) copy


cosmo (9) copy

The jars you see above? Yeah, those you can purchase and decorate! Oh I’m SO in love with the jar toppers!!

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cosmo (11) copy


cosmo (20) copy

All those word stickers- adore!

cosmo (30) copy

cosmo (32) copy

Wood bits and pieces – awesome!

cosmo (33) copy

Creative Girl is INCREDIBLE, they’ve got fun shaped canvases, and so much more. Here is a link to the Cosmo blog post that has some more details. You’ll definitely be seeing Creative Girl and more of their fun stuff showing up on my projects as soon as I can get my hands on some! Oh those jars and the possibilities…

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