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Crate Paper has been a favorite of mine especially in recent releases, and with new lines that I really liked (and a super cute booth!) they continue to impress me.

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First up, let’s talk about Close Knit.


From Crate Paper:

This collection is very close to my heart and will hopefully make its way into yours as well. Close Knit is a family-themed collection with vintage accents & sewing icons that recalls nostalgic feelings of your childhood home and perhaps even your grandmother’s home. The inspiration for the sewing elements comes from my memories of my own grandmother. Join me as we show this beautiful collection that will preserve your family’s memories as well as the memories of future generations.


I LOVE the cute packaging of course, but really this is a nice line because it has such useful colors and patterns that could be used in a wide variety of ways. These layered borders are a FAVORITE from the whole show. Love!

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To see more images of the products in this collection, you can view Crate Paper’s post about it here.

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You know I do love my detail, and Crate really made the space in their booth perfectly match the feel of their new lines. Love that!

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Both lines have something in common – they’re cozy and so very warm. Just look at the name of their winter line!



From Crate Paper:

Record delightful moments of wintertime fun with Bundled Up from Crate Paper. Vintage graphics of cozy mittens, cheerful snowmen, and delicate snowflakes meet chevrons, dots and stripes. Each stylish element is presented in antiqued hues of red, pink, green and gold. It’s time to get Bundled Up for the winter!


You know I love that this is general “winter” and while not everyone loves their pink, I sure do and I like how it is used here.

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To see more images of this collection visit their blog here.

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Crate Paper released a third new line with Maggie Holmes, but I will show you that line in a separate post tomorrow.

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  1. Your up close photos of Crate’s goodies are much appreciated. Thanks for sharing the CHA experience with us!

  2. These are the best CHA photos I’ve ever seen! Thanks for all the close ups and sharing your photos with us!!

  3. I too LOVE the close up photos. I’ve been really wanting to see Maggie’s line properly, so I’ll check back for that. Thanks for sharing!

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