Neon + Grey

Yes, you’re reading my blog and yes, I’m saying in moderation and in the right circumstance I like a little neon. It’s growing on me. So much so, that today’s post is inspired by neon + grey. I’ve noted a disturbing amount of neon sneaking onto my grey clothes lately… and you know what? I think it works. I told my friend Melissa this, and she thought that we ought to coordinate a neon crafty day on our blogs. Fun!

First – let me mention the Hero Arts neon daubers… oh my. LOVE these! I will have to do a video soon but basically it is inky goodness you can use neatly, or with a bit of pressure make a big SPLAT! like I did here.

I had a tiny bit of fun with this… aaaand there are splats all over the desk now. All the neon is pretty much contained to those splats, and I countered it with a white cardstock base and lots of stamping with my beloved shadow ink pad.

Supplies used:

I seriously love Hero Arts – but truly this new release is just MADE for my kind of scrapbooking. That splatter/stain stamp might be my favorite all time! Oh and all the great arrows and words… trust me you’ll be seeing more from me soon with all this goodness! But back to today’s layout.

The texture/pattern you see faintly is because I did this on a white cardstock that is embossed (that wasn’t intentional) – but I like the look! You will also note this has kind of an art journal feel and that there are no embellishments! That’s because for whatever reason… when I do my pages for my “about me” album they tend to get messy/artsy and not need much embellishing.


As for the story… well I *finally* earned new gym shoes and these grey ones with hints of neon pink were just perfect. Today I type this about 15lbs lighter than when I was typing this day last year… and THAT is something to celebrate indeed!! It might not be a huge or impressive or fast transformation – but I’m just a little healthier every day and that is all that really matters. For this kind of story and of course because it matched the shoes – neon + grey was the perfect choice.

I challenge you to try grey + neon and see how you like it! Oh yeah, and you’ll also want to go visit because Melissa is also rockin’ the neon today!!

8 thoughts on “Neon + Grey”

  1. Well done May!! Really happy for you…..
    Totally understand where you are coming from!
    Have lost a LOT of weight myself over the past 3+ years and today my reward is surgery!
    Love your blogs AND Your classes, keep up the crafty, inky goodness 🙂

  2. Good work! Slowly but surely is a better way to lose weight and you’re making changes for a lifetime. You worked for those new shoes.

  3. I guess I could deal with neon in small doses like I did when my daughter was in her teens. Heavens, I am that ancient! Congrats on the weight loss. I have noticed that you are looking very healthy. I am approaching the one year mark on quitting smoking, but have gained a lot of weight in the process. Guess I have another goal to work on.
    I do love your lo with that perfect amount of neon.

  4. Woohoo good for you on the weight loss May! Love the new shoes and love the LO!
    And it’s fun that you love neon now … first your girls soccer uniforms and now your shoes!

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