quick decorated boxes

Quick! I need something cute for this box!

Whether it is for a gift or favor, big or small, there is one surefire way to quickly and easily decorate boxes – no wrapping paper required. You’ll need:

* several ribbons of various colors/textures/widths

* a doily

* something to adorn the top (flower, accent, feather, gift tag….


It only takes a minute, and the results are always WOW. If you have a gift that is in a box, just wrap it with some kraft wrapping paper or even a grocery bag and then do this! First pick your doily and set it down. For this one it goes over the edges, but it doesn’t have to. It could be smaller. Then you tie the ribbon around (just one way, don’t need to do all four sides), tie it in a knot, and add your top accents.


I found these birds and feathers on clearance at Michael’s yesterday and since these are tea party favors, I thought them the perfect thing! What I love about this easy wrap formula is that it can work with any number of themes or variations. Going for a more masculine look? Skip the doily and use a simple circle of colored paper or a large die cut such as a star. Want it to be baby friendly? Use a baby toy as your topper! Of course you can also add a name tag and any amount of other accents to this, or you can keep it simple.

With my crafty stash, most of the time I can do a box or two without ever having to leave my studio.

For now I need to pack these (4×4″) boxes with the whoopie cookie favors, and prepare for tomorrow’s party! I will be sure to share photos and details of that here. It’s not everyday I throw myself a tea party…

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