Project Hawaii: final page

That’s right, I finished this page, added it to the album, and with a content sigh placed “Maui 2012” on the FINISHED scrapbook shelf. Let’s just say that a truly finished scrapbook is a rare thing in this house. I’m excited. I want to do that more.


I don’t want to ever pressure myself to work in a certain order or make myself stick to one thing even if uninspired. That just isn’t my style. That said, there really is something to be said about a complete vacation album and I will be looking around at partially completed albums to see if any that I have would be candidates for this style of quick and simple scrapbooking in the future. For my final page I had a lot of random photos that needed to be in the album, and I went ultra simple. Just Project Life Olive cards + photos + journaling.


There really wasn’t a title for this page unless I wanted to put “miscellaneous photos” as a title, which I did not. I really didn’t feel like it needed embellishing because of all the decorative cards. Basically, in an album FULL of techniques and embellishing and fancy stuff I was good with just adding a plain, flat, fast and very easy page.

I will continue to use my Olive core kit on more traditional scrapbook pages as well as pages like these Hawaii ones for sure. I still have plenty of them! I believe that I will also do another mini-series (like Project Hawaii) in the future and share here on the blog. I still have a lot of ideas rattling around my head after all, and goodness knows I have PLENTY of photos to scrapbook so having subjects to work with is no problem!

For now I encourage you to consider mixing in different styles of pages into your albums. Think about the possibility of doing a few single/few photo pages where there is more embellishing and creative play, and some that feature more photos and are very simple. I really like the end results of my album, and as I said before you haven’t seen the last of this kind of two page spread from me.

Happy Crafting!

5 thoughts on “Project Hawaii: final page”

  1. Hey May…..I always have a two page spread of various photos that did not fit on any other page that I title “Outtakes”. I love at the end of movies (think, Jackie Chan i.e. Rush Hour) there are clips of various takes not used and most hilarious. Love that and love to include fun photos of the trip that I don’t want to toss but want to include. P.S. I want that muffin! Yum.

  2. Congratulations, May! A finished scrapbook is big cause for celebration.
    I was wondering if you might consider doing a blog about using all the tranparencis that are so popular right now. Not quite ure what to do with them but I think they’re so cool. Thanks.

  3. Love love love this! I actually love how you placed everything on a 12×12 sheet Project Life style but didn’t actually use divided page protectors. That’s a great idea to fit different photos that don’t necessarily fit on a normal PL protector. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i have enjoyed revisiting your project Maui! Ideas: cut up PP on hand to the 4×6, 3×4 size to use as PL cards, different sized styles of LOs all with a consistent them for large project, i.e. 6×12 PP w/ title and then 4×6 pics. thanks for the inspiration!

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